Christianity is a popular religion all across the world. The followers are Christains and they believe in God or the God of Abraham. There holy book is called the Bible and it is separated into two parts The Old Testament and The New Testament. They believe they should pray to God and believe in Trinity the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit. They also believe in Declaration of Faith or Salvation. Their rituals are Baptism which is the introduction into Christianity and they believe in sharing bread and wine resembling the Last Supper. There place of worship is a Church and there worship leader is a minister, paster, precher, preist, father, or a reverend. The 3 main sects are Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Sunday is their worship day and there holy city is Jerusalem because Jesus was born there. The 2 main holidays are Christmas which was the day Jesus was born and Easter the birth of Christ and the reserrection of it. And lastly, the Holy citys which are Jerusalem which is the site of Jesus's crucifiction. Their other Holy site is Bethlahem where Jesus was born.