Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman


Dan Hatch

Arthur Darlington

Linda Hatch (Dan's mom)

John Hatch (Dan's dad)

Stacey Darlington

Ronnie Vae Darlington

Aunt Goldie (Dan's Aunt)

Belle Smiley

Ryan (Dan's baby brother)

Grandpa Hatch

Grandma Hatch

Officer Kelly


The setting of Night of the Twisters is Grand Island,Nebraska .The Tornado was on June 3th 1980 and the State capital is Lincoln . Another important fact is the state bird is the Western Meadowlark and the agriculture Products corn, sow beans, wheat.

Problem and Solution

One problem is that Arthur and Ryan, Dan are stuck in the shower during the Tornado. The solution is that when Arthur gets out to see what everything is and if they can get out

Another problem is when Aunt Goldie is stuck in the bowling alley when the tornado is coming and she is not with anyone but the people at the bowling alley . The solution is that she stays at the bowling alley tell the tornado is over and everyone leaves.


In the beginning Arthur and Dan go for a swim. They decided that they would ride there bikes back home they suddenly see that the wind started to pick up very fast. When they got home the Weather channel was on it said "SEVERE TORNADO IN GRAND ISLAND NEBRASKA" we where all freaking out and mom said "I need to go check on Miss.Smiley so I will be back if the Tornado starts go get Ryan and some blankets and go downstairs in the basement." So they got Ryan her would not get up he finally got up then they when to the basement like there mom said too. Once the Tornado hit Arthur tried to get out her was stepping on glass and plastic so they said to stay here is the best place right now. All They had was a blanket and each other they need to get out they were getting cold and it was raining . Stacy Arthurs Sister came to help use out I was really getting scared my mom still wasn't home and dad was at the farm with grandpa and grandma. Stacey took Ryan From my hands and Rapped him in a blanket so we heard out to find mom we could not find her any where so we when to Kmart we know she was there we when with a police Officer Kelly he said that Kmart was flood so no more people could go in. Finally we found out that mom was in Miss. Smileys house when the Tornado hit the House we found dad to but are cat Minerva dead in that Tornado it was a sad day. Two years later everything was fixed and they need to live with there Grandparents for a month or so. THE END