The Weekly Memo

Everything comes from love, all is ordained for the salvation of man, God does nothing without this goal in mind.--Saint Catherine of Siena
September, 4 2015

Staff & Student Spotlight

  1. Great discussions & productivity in PLT's.
  2. Patience, flexibility, and teamwork with MAP testing.
  3. Successful Back to School nights! Thank you for your hard work and continued dedication to our students.
  4. Middle school houses did a GREAT job decorating their doors to represent their Saints.
  5. Great preparation for Mass & beautiful singing by students!


  • Please sign up for Oktoberfest if you haven't done so already. You can follow the link to secure your spot.
  • Please keep in mind that Oktoberfest dismissal will begin on Tuesday. Please DO NOT park in the back on Tuesday and the rest of the week if at all possible.
  • Please stay tuned for morning arrival procedures. There will come a point when morning drop-off will be restricted to the front only. However, Kim will assess that situation and update us as we near that transition.
  • The Mass schedule (purple) has been updated and placed in your boxes. Please place that in your binder. It has also been updated on CKS Connect.
  • The updated Mass/House schedule will be forthcoming.
  • Committee meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 8th. Your committee chair will make contact about a meeting location and prepare needed materials.
  • All those trained as Extraordinary Ministers should attend a "refresher course" about the Precious Blood Tuesday, Sept. 8 @ 3:15, in the Cathedral, prior to attending individual committee meetings (especially those on the middle school list). However, it might be beneficial for others in the event we need a fill-in at middle or all school Mass. Should take 20-30 minutes. Tina Troiana, who is in charge of Extraordinary Ministers for the parish, will instruct.

Friendly Reminders:

  • If you teach Religion, you will need a discipleship component as discussed in the faculty meeting. This should be an extension of your curriculum. For example, if you study Saints you could send home a small statue with a prayer and reflection journal. Perhaps, you focus on the Rosary. You could send home a "special" Rosary for families to use together. The goal being to engage the family!
  • PLT meeting minutes should be sent to Paula, Amy, and Kelley by Tuesday.
  • If you are participating in the book discussion, Family Fully Alive, please turn in your hours and a copy of the form at the end of the five week session. Amy will document your total hours on the spreadsheet and place a copy of the certificate in your personnel file. Always keep a copy for yourself and/or binder.
  • If you have any maintenance requests, please send them to Paula first for approval.
  • Red sub folders should be complete and visible in classrooms. As we begin walkthroughs, please have them on your desk!
  • Bio's are due, please send those to Vince.
  • Please be mindful of copy paper as we ran out before the month ended.

Save the Date:

  • September 7: NO SCHOOL
  • September 8-11: Morning Duty

(Zivkovic-Front & Kiffmeyer-Back)

  • September 8: Eucharistic Minister Training, Committees, 8th Grade Parent Meeting, Mad Mushroom Lunch & Spirit Day

  • September 10: House Challenge


  • September 12: OKTOBERFEST