Appropriate Activities For Toddlers

By: Heather O Dell


These are various activities for toddlers in various stages of their childhood. I picked the ones i would buy my own children in the furture. These are all FisherPrice toys, I believe these will help them grow, learn, and have fun all together.

Thomas & Friends - Thomas Bath tracks

ages: 18 months - up

developmental stage- hands on

no supplies needed after purchase

Grow-with-me Kitchen

ages: 1 1/2 - 5 years

developmental stage- role play

only supply needed after purchase is 2 AA batteries

Disney Pixar- Cars 2 bubble mater

ages: 2 years - up

developmental stage- hands on

extra bubbles maybe needed

Power Wheels- Ford lil' F150

ages: 2-6 years

developmental stage- adventurous

no supplies needed after purchase, everything needed comes with