Ms. Geltch's Favorite Books 2016

Missoula-Jon Krakauer

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Jon Krakauer chronicles the accounts of sexual assaults of a few University of Montana female students from 2010-12. The readers will receive astounding answers to the following questions. What circumstances led to criminal allegations and what proceeded afterward? How did the university and law enforcement respond? How did the criminal justice system proceed? How did the community respond? How did the lives of the female students and the accused change? Krakauer examines how preconceptions about rape and the actors involved shaped public opinion. The community of Missoula isn't alone. Sexual assault of college aged women occurs way to often across the country.

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Nightingale-Kristin Hannah

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Kristin Hannah weaves the tale of two estranged sisters-Vianne and Isabelle. Vianne and Isabelle struggle for survival and hope during the German occupation of France during WWII. Like their father Monsieur Rossingol from the first World War, the events over a 6 year period irrevocably change the sisters despite their divergent personalities and circumstances. They will learn to understand each other in ways unimaginable at the beginning of the war.

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Salt to the Sea- Ruta Sepetys

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Serpent King-Jeff Zentner

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Wrath of Dawn

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Khalid, the Caliph (boy king) is plagued with a curse where he must murder 100 brides to break it. Shahrzad decides to marry Khalid to avenge her best friend Shiva's murder under his hands. Unlike the other brides, Khalid is attracted to Shahrzad, and is especially intrigued by her storytelling abilities. As a result, he shocks his kingdom by not strangling her with silk on their wedding night or anytime afterward. Shahrzad attempts to use this to her advantage-uncover Khalid's weaknesses in order to kill him. However, as Shahzad spends more time with her husband, she experiences conflicting emotions. Could she seriously be falling in love with a monster? Khalid is also tormented with crushing secrets. Will he reveal them to his new bride or keep them hidden?

In the meantime, Tariq, an important emir, also plots his revenge for the loss of his cousin Shiva and Shahrzad, the woman he loves. He enlists the help of Jahandar, Shahrzad's father, his friends, and nomads to overthrow the boy king.

The emotional twists and turns of this royal love triangle keep readers on the edge of their seats. Khalid and Shahrzad change and evolve through their feelings for one another. The dramatic conclusion sets up surprising start to the sequel Rose and the Dagger.

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