This is a brief summary of who I am

Who am I?

My name is Nirav and this is my ALL ABOUT me project. First off I am in grade 10, and I am a huge sports fan. Also I love pets but I'm not a cat person! I love playing video games and watching T.V. I was born in Mississauga on October 21st ( OVO nation ). My hobbies include hockey, hanging out with friends , watching youtube , playing video games, and going hiking with my dog. I live in a close knit family of 5 (including my dog). I have one sister who is 24 so yeah shes about 9 years old but her birthday is on October 26 so for 5 says shes only 8 years older than me. My sister is a optometrist so the bar has been set pretty high for me. That's really all about me, here is the rest of my project hope you enjoy.
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My Dog!!

I have a German shepherd dog who is 3 years old. He is a rescue dog. He used to get beaten from his previous owners but he ran away and was found with animal care. We got him from a animal shelter and hes had a happy life since. He is the most energetic dog EVER!!! He loves hiking and free running which is why I've trained him to walk without a leash. He has been entered in numerous dog competitions and has won 3 ODCA (Ontario dog competitions academy) medals. He truly is a mans best friend.
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Video games

At home on of my favorite pastimes is playing video games. In grade 8 I was so good I played professionally for a call of duty team in MLG tournaments where the grand prize was over 300,000 dollars. Now i don't play that much but I still play sometimes. My favorite games right now are NBA 2K16, FIFA 16, NHL 16 , and Black Ops 3
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Music is something that I really enjoy. My favorite type of music is rap. I like rap because certain songs have really good messages and it's one of the hardest types of music to make and produce. My favorite rapper is Hopsin because of the messages he provides for the youth. My favorite song from him is call Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 because it talks about the different types of humans in our society and how we have to change our ways . WARNING *THERE IS A LOT OF PROFANITY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*


My origin is Indian. I come from a city called Bengulru from south India which has a population of 9 million people.My dad's side owns a huge village that produces coffee beans that's been in my family for over 11 generations so a LONNNNG time. My mom great great grandpa emigrated from Chennai ( another major city). So basically my mom is a city person and my dad's a country guy, how they got married I will never know. My religion is Hindu and my 2nd language is called Kannada.


Hockey is easily the most important thing in my life. Since I was a little kid I fell in love with the game. I got introduced to hockey because back when my parents came from India we couldn't afford television and we only got one free channel called CBC. Every Saturday we used watch hockey night in Canada which is where I started and from then my passion for hockey has just been increasing. I am currently the captain for Brampton and trying to get in to the OHL ( Ontario Hockey League ) by next year.
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As you might know now I love sports, I love music and I love video games. There is still some things you don't know about me though for example my favorite for food is NOT "pizza" which is what everyone says but its Bhel Puri a indian dish that pretty spicy to white people but tastes normal to me. It's topped with a garlic sauce that tastes magical.

My life line

My future

I want to be in my future either a optometrist or a police officer. If I do good in science I'm gonna go into optometry if I don't I want to go into the DEA in the U.S.A
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My Personality Tests

Multiple intelligence test-
  1. My top section is section 6 which is my kinesthetic learning which was also my top learning way in my blueprint. 2nd is section 5 which is interpersonal strength which I think is a good number two because I’m really good with people and listening which is why business is the path I want to go in . 3rd is logical strength I don’t think this is my 3rd but If I work on it hands on my logical strength increases. 4th is my intrapersonal strength which is the complete opposite of me which is because I like working with other people instead of being alone. I tend to work better in a group 5th is a 3 way tie with naturalist, musical, and verbal strength. I agree with 2/3 because I’m not the biggest ecologist and I’ve never liked playing music but I like hearing it. The one I disagree on is my verbal strength because I’m a very strong speaker in presentations or just in general social places. 6th is Existential strength I agree with this because I feel this strength is for more open minded people and I’m a narrow minded person and I am not a philosopher person. Although my parents love religion I am not religious at all. I also don’t believe in horoscopes. And my weakest strength is my visual which I completely agree with because I am horrible at visualizing things and learning, I have to learn and study or I wont learn at all.

  1. My strongest strength was just what I expected because I’m a very good at learning hands just like a kinesthetic person would. Thing I was surprised with was intrapersonal strength, and my verbal strength. This is because for intrapersonal strength I like working in groups because the work is more spread around and it’s much more fun. I do not like working by myself. My second surprise was my verbal skill which I like to think is my 2nd or 3rd best asset I have because I’m good at talking and good with stuff like presentations.

  1. I will use my strength to do more things hand on instead of listening or visualizing it in my head. For math I could practice book questions more, for auto instead of looking at the manual I will go do the assignments by asking questions and doing them myself. I know that I like a group environment much more than if I worked alone. I know that my logical strength is also high which is good for subjects like math and science which require a lot of logical reasoning

True Colors- My colour assessment said that I was a adventurous orange with responsible gold coming close, then curious green 3rd, and lastly Harmonious blue . That fact that adventurous orange did not surprise me it was that responsible gold came 2nd. To me that is interesting because I think that those two are opposites. Responsible gold to me is someone who doesn't take chances and is a very structured and organized person. I feel I’m more adventurous and less narrow minded. I’m more open and free and I like to take risks. I think that I got more responsible gold because I am respectful and although I’m not too organized. I think that I’m more curious green and, adventurous orange because I’m curious about stuff humans can’t explain like how we exist and not too interested in math and science.

The test I received for the other tests was that I’m harmonious blue which was really weird because I didn't have any X’s for harmonious blue but if you read the description from the other site I can kind of understand how I can be classified as harmonious blue. The other site said I was “ Idealistic”. “Loyal”, “good at communicating” and I feel that applies with me. I don't feel that I am a sensitive person and that I value the feelings of other people a lot. So to describe myself the best I would say I’m a Loyal curious risk taking impulsive person. Those traits would be great for jobs like business owner or a psychologist.

Leadership Style Test-

Leadership style



Personal Example

Leader as a Teller

Tells the team what to do and how to do it.

Makes all the decisions.

Does not seek input from the team or participate in task completion.

Assumes the team members are experienced and capable.

A scenario in which a leader as a teller is good is when you're a teacher because you should be the one in charge and sometimes if you give students a lot of responsibilities they can abuse the power.

Another scenario which is a good of for this type of leadership is the CEO of a company because he can lose respect or he might not get things done if he doesn't tell people what to do.

I'm the captain of my hockey team and I usually tell my teammates what to do because I’m the most experienced in my team.

Leader as a Delegator

The end-goal is broken down into smaller tasks

Then, each team member is assigned a separate task.

Delegator expects results from each individual member

Participates by compiling the results for the group as a whole

One good situation for this is being a president or prime minister of a country because you can’t know everything and usually presidents have expertises in each category of their country like the army, education, hospitals. The prime minister could ask these expertises what's the most important things that need to be done and give the resources to those people to do what they need to do.

In my middle school I in a debate and my teacher made me the leader so I made each person do what they're known for. People that are good at speaking would come to the front with me to present our arguments. People that like to work silently research for us on our arguments.

Leader as a Persuader

Encourages cooperation from all members

Uses each member's strengths to make them more involved in task

Includes team members in decision but is ultimately responsible for making the final decision

This would be great in businesses because you would hire people that are good in certain aspects like computers, drawing, presenting and tell them to to a specific task like promoting a product. The artist would draw a logo, then the computer guy will make the logo in a program like adobe illustrator and then the presenter would present his or her company logo.

When I was selling chocolate with a group of friends I would set certain areas of my area to certain people but I was the one making the decisions of where each person goes

Leader as a Consultant

Encourages team to participate in the decision making

Final decisions are made based on the group consensus

Relies on each member's areas of expertise or opinion.

Actively participates with the team throughout task completion

This would be great as a guidance counselor or consultant. For example for a group of individuals struggling with an alcoholic problem the consultant would make the group work together to get rid of their problems.

I am not a leader as a consultant.

Leader as a Joiner

Sees him/herself as a member of the team

Uncomfortable with the title of “leader”- wants to be equal with other team members

Decisions are made by everyone on the team

Acts as a “spokesperson” for the team

This would be good for situations such as community service where you could be in charge of a group of people but would spread the work equally

When I was in a french group I was made leader of my group. I’m not good at french so I made myself a “member” of the group so I wouldn't make my group do bad because I didn't know what to do. When the teacher told us to present I did most of the presenting but the work was done equally which made me the “spokesperson”