Blood Moon

Watch the webcast this Friday!

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Dear people,

Every once in a while this happens: the four Blood Moons. It is a rare occurrence in which a series of four lunar eclipses take place with approximately 6 months in between. In 2014 the first one was on the 15th April, the second on 8th October. According to the calculations the next two will occur on 4th April and 28th September.

On the first upcoming date I will organize a webcast to make a connection with the prevailing energy. Together we will do the activation of Christ Consciousness.

I hope to see you Friday online!

From heart to heart,


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Check the timeline!

The coming time there are some major energy shifts to be expected. We are going through a transformation that will last for a few years and to keep the process going, I will publish news and organize a free webcast on important dates to connect with the energy of the moment.

On we have added a timeline. Check it every now and then to see what will happen and when to tune in to the next frequency!

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Online activation

On the 3rd of April 2015 Janosh will organize a webcast in which he will bring people in contact with the healing energy of the moment. The code Christ Consciousness will be central and help you to make contact with your godly power of creation. Participation is free.

Janosh Live Webcast :: Blood Moon

Date: 3rd April 2015

Time: 08:00 p.m. GMT

More information >>

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4-day retreat with Janosh

Are you ready for a big change? Then join Janosh to go all the way! In an intensive workshop over the course of four days, he is going to focus on your process, with the intention to get rid of anything that is in your way. Fears, blockages, pain, sadness, insecurity; this is your chance to say goodbye to it once and for all. The clock is ticking and we are counting down: your breakthrough is coming!

Janosh: All the way Weekend

14 - 18 May, 2015

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