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Dear Families,

This week I got to take part in my first Zoom class and it was so informative. Mrs. Marks invited me to one of her 7th grade math classes. I went in with a certain level of trepidation. Not only based on the fact that math was not always my best subject, but I was also worried about how the class might go. I was worried that technology may not work, that students may not be engaged, or that students might simply not show up. I was pleasantly surprised and so impressed.

First off, every student was present. I'm sure Mrs. Marks' Schoology page helps with that. Things are so well organized! I simply had to go to the page, click the week and day and I was off and running. From there we engaged in a warm up chat in Schoology, then we had a mini lesson on probability through a platform called DESMOS. The lesson involved visuals, manipulatives, and discussions. From there, we came back together and did a chat on Zoom about the lesson, then we got moved to breakout rooms to further discuss the lesson. I got to meet three outstanding young ladies, Fatima, Brianna, and Kenya, who really helped me with the lesson. Fatima went so far as to "share her screen" to help clarify items.

I was amazed at how quickly the hour passed. Nothing can replace being in person with our teachers. But I am so impressed at how well our teachers and our students are working while remote. Great job Mrs. Marks! Thanks for having me.

Have a great weekend and Go Cards!


Mr. Kellenberger

Worthingway Curriculum Night

In case you missed it, attached is our Virtual Curriculum Night.

PTAC Survey

PTAC is the general council that represents all PTA/PTO's in the Worthington City School District. The PTAC is working with a high school student from WKHS, as a part of the student's IB Business Class Project, to better understand volunteer support in our buildings. The ultimate goal is to help our district improve communications and volunteer support at each building. Please complete the short survey included here to help inform these efforts. Thank you.

PTA Survey

School Fees

School fees have now been uploaded to MyPaymentsPlus. Middle school fees are $38 and are due by 10/2/20. Students that are free and reduced do not pay full fee amounts. If you feel the amount listed in MyPaymentsPlus is in error, please contact Val Swearengen at Worthingway (614-450-4300). Please be aware that free and reduced lunch forms must be completed yearly. If your student was free or reduced last year, that status will not carry over to the new school year.

Free and Reduced meal information

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Please visit our school website for athletic information or contact Mr. Mosca (wmosca@wscloud.org) our school Athletic Director

Emergency Data Review

In order to ensure that we have the most up to date family information, families are asked to update their Emergency Data yearly. Directions for completing the Emergency Data Review.

Remote Meal Delivery Information

For the 2020-21 school year, all families can have meals delivered via bus routes in the Worthington School District. For more information visit the District Remote Meal Delivery Information page.

Worthingway Middle School

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