come and have fun in my party

you are invited

Christian's party

This is a good time to go to Christian's party , Christian is turnning 12 and you shoould come because it's going to be the best party ever, we will have tonnes of food, a pinata, games and the best thing is, MESSI IS COMMING!!!!!!! and we will have a soccer game with him!!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 1st, 11:30am

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

to come to Buenos Aires, Argentina, you have to go to the airport and show to the quantas people the invitations but when you get your invitation 1 week earlier there will be money there, that's for the airport so dont spend that money.Then when you get to Argentina you will see a guy with your name in a porter, then you give the invitation and you are going to my party


9:00am to 10:00pm 11:00am party games

9:00am you will go to the party 12:00am messi is coming

9:45am breakfast 12:10am messi is going to have a speach

10:00am games 12:30am lunch

10:30am soccer games 1:00pm open

1:30pm we are going to a hall and free time!!!

6:30pm messi is going to play fifa street with us.

7:00pm we go to a hotel

next day.....

9:00am we go to a hall full of fun with jumping castle computer games a a big fun house

5:00pm we go to the airport and show the invitations again to go home in a private jet