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Breast Cancer Awareness is Back!

September is here and I couldn't be more excited!

Okay. Let's get real. Summer's starting to annoy us. Right? I'm so ready to move on. Seeing how Stella & Dot's Fall collection has been a huge hit with fashion bloggers, magazines and celebrities makes me excited for fall. So much going on in the next month! For starters its Breast Cancer Awareness Month now through October 31st. We've partnered up with the Noreen Fraser Foundation for the 4th year. Also we recently launched a early preview of our Winter Collection....see below! Our official Winter Collection launches October 13th! You''ll want to keep a "Watch" out for this collection!

Check out the top 10 styles so far!

Now, doesn't that make you feel ready for fall, too?!



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Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Im so honored to be a part of Stella & Dot's work with the Noreen Fraser Foundation. For the 4th year Ive worked hard selling our beautifully hand crafted pieces made especially for our breast cancer boutique. This year actress Cobie Smulder from "How I Met Your Mother" teamed up with S&D to create the Resilence Cuff! Cobie is a cancer survivor herself and was honored to take part in this process! InStyle magazine has wrote an article. You can read more here:

Order one for yourself & one for a friend!

Im also looking for Breast Cancer Ambassadors to join me in selling 10 of our #BCA bracelets in October! Message me if you're interested!

To view the Breast Cancer Boutique click here:

Holiday Preview!

I know. I'm not really trying to scare you but it's more relaxing to think about holidays right now instead of trying to finish our shopping list in December, right? Right. Yes! Our holiday sneak peek is available now! Gorgeous new pieces including several in rose gold!


Want it all FREE?!

No kidding....Me too! That's why I do this job!!! I can help you get what you've been eyeing - for FREE!!! Simply host a fun girls style session -- It's super easy and fun! Just invite some friends over for an hour of shopping! And I really love to spoil my hostesses! True story.
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Food For Thought!

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