Number of isotopes

There is 3 types of isotopes for Magnesium

Name of one of the isotope


The chemical symbol: 24/12 Mg

Mass #: 24.305 Atomic #: 12

Joseph Black is the guy who found Magnesium

2 Physical Properties

It is a silvery white metal.

It is a solid

2 uses of the isotope

Photographic light bulbs.

missile fuel

2 interesting facts of the isotope

Magnesium is the eight most abundant element in the earths surface.

The element is found in large deposits.

The chemical decays.

Alpha- 24/12Mg + 4/2He =20/10Ne

Beta- 24/12Mg + 0/-1B = 24/13Al

Gamma- 24/12Mg + 0/0Y = 24/12Mg