Resources for Health e-Living

An in-depth resource on the Habits of Health, including support, tips, activities, exercises, links, and additional information on creating health.

Find out more about Dr. Andersen and his work to foster optimal health.

Alzheimer Association

Valuable information on ways to protect your brain.

American College of Sports Medicine

Information on movement and musculoskeletal health.

America on the Move

Nonprofit initiative dedicated to helping people avoid weight gain by increasing their level of activity.

The American institute of Stress

Information and problem-solving on stress-related health issues.

Canadian Fitness Education Services

Educational courses on exercise.

Canadian Council of Food
and nutrition
Information and advocacy on food and nutrition issues.

The Cooper institute

Promotes healthy eating and other healthy habits.

Johns Hopkins health Site

An excellent resource for information on all aspects of health.

Mayo Clinic

Information to help you live a healthier life.

national heart, Lung, and Blood institute
Information on lowering risk for disease.

The obesity Society

A source of information for weight-challenged individuals.

National Sleep Foundation

Education on the importance of sleep and sleep issues.

World health organization

Information on prevention and treatment of disease at the global level.

Information to help you understand the food pyramid.

U.S.-based nutrition resource.