By: Michael Becan


This wanted criminal is accused of causing the papillomavirus.


This outlaw is described as a blue sphere with groups of five capsid proteins coming from the center, like the picture below.
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Mode of Operation

This villain has been known to spread by contact from one to another, and can also be sexually transmitted.


Watch out!!! This criminal likes to attack humans as a whole as well as mammals, but it attacks tend to have no affect on the them.


If left to run free, this scoundrel will cause small, rough patched bumps on the skin which have no effect.

Armed and Dangerous

Papillomavirus is not armed and dangerous and has not been known to kill its victims.


Papillomavirus has been known to hang around the feet and hands of humans and mammals.

Most Effective Weapons

The best way to contain this vicious villain is to either freeze it so it completely dies and goes away, or to take HPV vaccinations to help prevent genital warts.