Uncle Tom's Cabin

By: Grace Ito & Sarah Zariwala

1850's Cultural Interactions

Although there were some instances where slaveholders and their slaves had a positive relationship, slavery played a prominent role in the 1850s in Southern society, and white slaveholders abused their power over their slaves and portrayed the blacks in a way where they were seen as less than human with inferior minds.
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Topsy & Eva: The Movie

This image shows a promotional movie poster from the film Topsy & Eva. On the poster Eva is shown as a put together young lady and the brightness, which is used for her image, draws the eyes of the audience while Topsy blends into the background and looks almost like a clown, letting the audience know that she is not on the same level as a white person.
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Staffordshire figure of Tom

In this picture of Tom in chains it shows how Tom was treated harshly, possibly as a punishment since he was a black slave and did not receive fair treatment.

Reflection- Grace Ito

Part A: Some of the more subtle ideas conveyed during this time period are that whites and blacks are able to get along or work together; however, the whites, and possibly even the blacks, believe that the white people are advanced in all aspects of life. In many of the images, the slaves are shown as if they are incapable of simple tasks, such as speaking properly, which also could include the idea during the time that blacks were not capable of earning any type of education. Overall, the images of this time period portray the idea of blacks not being like normal humans who can complete simple tasks.

Part B: The most surprising thing I saw in the images was that the slaves almost seemed to be okay with the way they were being treated. Although it is likely that on the inside they were angry that they were forced to work, these images present them as happy with the condition they were in, as they look happy in the presence of the white people who consider them as property. For example, in the images where Tom is with Eva or Topsy with Eva, they seem happy to be around her even though she is a part of the family that owns them.

Reflection- Sarah Zariwala

Part A: There were many subtle ideas that were conveyed during the early 1850's like the idea of racism affecting the social status in a society, Because of ones race they are seen at different levels of status. Whites were always at the top of the social hierarchy while other racial groups like the blacks were seen in lower classes. Many of the images shown from Uncle Toms Cabin show how these slaves were not seen as a normal human being but in a more lower perspective because they are black slaves. The advertisements show their speech patterns as inaccurate. They were treated poorly and unfairly by the superior whites.

B: A surprising thing I saw in the images was the repetitive concept of the white girl together with Tom in the pictures. She was either in his lap or very close to him and they seemed to have an acceptable relationship. This was surprising to me because usually the slaves were treated as less than human and as nothing more than slaves. The pictures show a white girl and a slave together in a more than slave relationship which is not the usual relationship between a white person and a black slave. Uncle Tom and the girl spent a lot of time together which is also surprising because of the fact that the girl was allowed to spend time with Tom in the first place considering he is a black slave seen as property.