NDAGC Quarterly Newsletter

January 2021, Issue 1

May Your Dreams Come True in 2021!

Dear Teachers, Families, Administrators and Community Partners,

We are starting our New Year counting our blessings. You are in that count, and we treasure you! As this organization grows, we will make efforts to update you regularly on our activities and plans moving forward. We hope you enjoy this quarterly newsletter that summarizes what we have done in 2020 and plans for 2021!

Happy New Year from NDAGC!

Yee Han, Ann, Beth, Julie, Jackie, Andrea, Mikayla, Alicia, and Kim

To bring new into the year, NDAGC is announcing a NEW Website and NEW Email! You can now visit us at https://ndagc.org/ where you can register for events directly, renew membership and make donations easily, and access important GT resources to assist you in the classroom or at home. We are still building this site, but its essential features are now accessible to you.

Our new website has a protective feature for members. You will be asked to create a personal login to access member specific resources such as our monthly webinars. See directions below.

Creating a member login at ndagc.org

1. Visit the homepage, click on login

2. Select how to sign-in. If your Facebook or Google email is registered with our membership you may select these options. Otherwise enter the membership email we have on file, and click "forgot password." Further information will then be emailed to you.

We welcome your feedback. Please share your questions and comments with Ann Duchscher through our EMAIL address: gifted@ndagc.org.

CogAT Updates for 2020-2021: Remote Testing and Dashboard Reporting

Are you interested in learning more about Universal Screening for general cognitive ability in your district? Join NDAGC in welcoming Jeff Cachur, Riverside Insights consultant, who will update us on the latest features of the CogAT assessment tool!

Date: 1.6.21 (Wed.) at 4:30PM

Event Details:

Attendees will gain knowledge on new features of CogAT online testing and reporting. Remote testing options will be presented, as well as a review of the new dashboard report features. The report redesign makes it easier to identify and group students based on battery scores and their Ability Profile.


For over 25 years, Jeff has dedicated his professional career to the education industry. Riverside insights has been home for the past 13 years, working with districts on data warehousing needs and focusing on high-stakes assessment for Gifted Program identification.


To register, see NDAGC website for more information at https://ndagc.org/event-4099080.

National Updates

NAGC State Affiliate Activities

As the ND State Affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), NDAGC participates in monthly meetings to stay informed on NAGC activities. Representing NDAGC is Yee Han Chu who also attended the NAGC Leadership & Advocacy Conference in March 2020 and presented at the NAGC 67th Annual Convention in November 2020. Beth Ustanko attended the 2020 NAGC Leadership & Advocacy Conference.

NAGC just published their 2018-2019 State of the State in Gifted Education Report that includes data from all states, including ND! A great resource!

"The 2018-2019 State of the States in Gifted Education report provides a glimpse of common themes as well as the wide range of state-level support and direction presently in gifted education across the states. NAGC and the CSDPG hope this report will assist stakeholders to better understand the state of gifted education in the nation."

NAGC Rural Gifted SIG

The NAGC Rural Gifted SIG promotes professional discussion and collaboration regarding gifted students in rural settings. The SIG is created to encourage a focus on this underserved group of students, and the intersectionality of race, language, culture and poverty that may potentially place additional barriers to the identification and services to this group of gifted students. Representing NDAGC on this committee are Mikayla Cramer and Yee Han Chu.

State Updates

Updating ND GT Programming Standards

We are finally bringing the ND GT standards into the new Century. Many of our officers are working with the ND Department of Public Instruction Special Education Office to update their 1992 Guidelines for Gifted Programming Handbook. This work started in the summer of 2020 and we hope to make substantial progress in 2021. These standards will provide guidance for building an inclusive and evidence based gifted program in your district. We are so honored that the NDDPI has invited us to contribute to this important work.

GT Credentialing in ND

Are you looking for GT courses to help you secure a GT Endorsement in the state of ND or to receive GT Professional Development? Valley City State University now offers an endorsement program that includes a core of GT extended learning courses along with graduate level STEMED courses. The program has been approved by ESPB. Contact Jackie Owen at jacqueline.own@vcsu.edu for more information.

Local Updates

NDAGC Partners with Grand Forks Public Schools

NDAGC University of North Dakota (UND) student volunteers have been tutoring Grand Forks Public Schools students enrolled in AP courses during the Fall 2020 semester. These online services provided critical support to high school students who needed assistance learning advanced content through an autonomous online learning platform. These services will resume Spring 2021 with possible outreach into middle schools and through a face to face tutoring option. Contact Yee Han Chu for more information through our EMAIL address: gifted@ndagc.org.

Monthly Webinars and as needed Public Forums

We hoped you have enjoyed our Monthly Webinars on Essential GT Topics. We will continue to offer monthly webinars and welcome your ideas for future webinars. You will find our webinars archived under "Learning" in our new website. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about our January Webinar.

Renewing Membership

Thank you for your support in 2020 as we struggled through COVID19 together. Our students and children with gifts and talents need your support and advocacy more than ever. As one administrator said recently, "Isn't gifted education Cadillac care?" Really?! We hope you will renew your membership and help us bring the needs of our brightest students and children out into the light.

A Fun GT Thank You: A Logic Puzzle

Quarantine Queries

Five friends were not able to see one another during the holidays due to illnesses. As a result, they sent cell phone messages to stay in touch. Each wanted to talk about their holiday happenings. Each one told the other four friends how many messages he/she had sent on Monday and Tuesday. Nobody sent the same number of messages on Monday as he/she did on Tuesday. That means if someone sent three messages on Monday, he/she did not send three messages on Tuesday. Read the clues and discover how many messages each friend sent each day.


1. Horatio sent one more message on Tuesday than he did on Monday.

2. Dani sent twice as many messages on Tuesday than she did on Monday.

3. Kimi sent half as many messages on Monday than she did on Tuesday.

4. Moses sent three fewer messages on Tuesday than Kimi.

5. Amir sent one more message on Monday than he did on Tuesday.

By Marilynn Buxton

Retired K-6 G/T at Waverly-Shell Rock and St. Paul’s Lutheran

Author of Math Logic Mysteries and Math Bafflers

Answers in the next newsletter.

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