Weekly Notes

May 8-14

Focus of the Week: Resourcefulness

Monday, May 9

Parent meeting (Maurus/Vasiloff) 8AM- Maurus' Office

Compton/Maurus Meeting @ 9AM

Maurus @ central office @ 1:00

Author Visit- 4th and 5th grade PM

Tuesday, May 10

4th grade MStep- AM

Maurus @ RESA- evaluation workshop- Brundage in

IEP 2:45-3:30 Anthony, Compton, Frisk, Jocis

Staff Meeting 4-6PM- please meet in the media center first- MEEMIC is stopping by to talk about a grant that is available (I also told them to bring you snacks :-)

Wednesday, May 11

4th grade MStep- AM

Maurus @ Admin Meeting AM

Thursday, May 12

Parent Meeting- Paulisin, Maurus @ 7:30

Maintenance Meeting @ 11:00

PBIS Planning Meeting 16-17 12:15 @ central office- Brundage In

Friday, May 13

4th grade @ Greenfield Village

4th grade MStep next 2 weeks:

Tuesday, 5/17, ELA CAT begin 9:00 am

Tuesday, 5/24, Sci pt 1 begin 9:00 am

Wednesday, 5/25, Sci pt 2 begin 9:45 am

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Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: 12

ISS: 2

OSS: 3

Send Home: 0

Trends/Hot Spots: Rough Play, inappropriate language

Conversations in the Office

Please make sure to be mindful of conversations that you have, especially in the office. Anything that is of a private nature for a student shouldn't be talked about in the open.

I know that it is a gathering place for students, parents and staff, so it is very tempting to have conversations there, but remember that there are many ears listening.

If you do see someone that you need to talk to, please feel free to talk to them in the conference room, copy room, or in my office if it is open.

Remaining Staff Meetings

I have been talking with a lot of people about how there really isn't a one-size-fits-all for learning about workshop for next year. So, we are going to use the remaining staff meetings to begin to work on planning for next year as well as to learn more about workshop.

I'll be sending out an email to ask what you need from me in regards to learning more about workshop. Some of you know a LOT while some of you want to learn more. Since (just like our students) we are all at different points in our learning, we should be doing different things.

I am available to help you- just ask me for whatever you need.

So, what exactly IS happening next year?

You may want to say the serenity prayer before you read through this if change makes you anxious...


-Push-in Title support (one title staff member per grade level)

-More push in support from SPED (not possible for every moment of the day, but there will be more push-in)

-Open Court, Daily 5, Math In Focus, etc... not as the end-all-be-all of curriculum, but rather, resources

-Planning and collaborative time built into your schedule each week (to facilitate progress monitoring, data dives, etc... so that me, you, your partner and colleagues are able to truly be a professional learning community)

-SPED staff member classroom in upper elementary

-Meetings to talk about students who are continually struggling (intervention meetings) built into our schedule throughout the year

-Hrit working with Tier 3 students as well as having specific time to fulfill other job duties

-Classroom teacher still teaching the core

-Classroom teacher(s) and title aide providing interventions for students (Hrit and classroom teachers doing Tier 3)

-Using CCSS, NGSS and MC3 to guide planning and instruction

-Using Staff Meeting time to work with your colleagues as well as to meet in School Improvement teams and school committees so that we share the load and don't overcommit ourselves to meetings outside of work hours (although some meetings may still happen outside of work hours as needed)

-all staff members on at least one committee in addition to School Improvement Teams


-Deciding how you work with your colleague(s) to do things such as co-teach workshop, share students, plan and implement interventions, the "HOW"

-What resources you and your colleague would like to use to teach CCSS, NGSS and MC3

-Deciding how to schedule your subjects and workshops (having a title staff member with your grade provides more flexibility)

I am hoping to have our master schedule soon, so that you and your colleagues will be able to plan for next year before you leave.

There will be more things on here as the MTSS committee and grade levels meet and plan for next year.

Many of you are asking for more information about classroom changes, but I don't have much to tell you other than if it is likely that you would have to move rooms, I would have already talked to you. I know that it is tough to have to sit with some ambiguity, but I don't want to overpromise that nothing will change.

As I get more information, I will share it with you (there are a lot of factors at play in where Kids Care will be, SPED teacher in upper hall, etc... that I do not have control over). Be patient as the definitive answers come to me.

Workshop- What it is and what it isn't

Workshop is a structure, not a curriculum.

There are so many graphics out there to show how the structure works, but as some of us are starting off, we can start with the basics:


teacher delivers content to the whole group. The lesson is brief, as we know what research tells us about the attention spans of children

-Work Session/Independent Practice/Groups

Students work on their own or in groups to reinforce what was taught during the minilesson.

Students might also be working in centers at this time

Teacher conferences with individuals or with groups depending on student need

-Closure/Shared Learning

Reinforce the lesson

Highlight student work

You may be looking at this and thinking that it is basic- it is, but these three things are the nuts and bolts of workshop.

Example of a Reading Workshop

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