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Motto:"Fraternite', Travail, Proges"(french);meaning "Fraternity,Work,Progress".

Background Information

Niger is known as Pepublique du Niger in french which means Republic of Niger.Niger is named after the Niger River which is the 3rd largest river in Africa.

Niger's has a population of about 17,466,172(2014).

Hausa & Djerma are also languages that are spoken in Niger.90% of Niger's population is Muslim.French is Niger's official language. Niger was colonized by the French but is not currently a territory of France.Niger gained it's independence from french on August 3rd, 1960.

Geography & Environment

Niger is located in Africa in the west. Niamey is the capital of Niger which is located in the southwestern territory of Niger.

People from Niger are called Nigeriens.

The Niger River is the 3rd largest river in Africa.

Fun Facts

"Niger has some of the world's largest uranium deposits."

Niger is one of the hottest countries in the world.

Nickname:"Frying Pan of the World."

Niger is one of the world's leading producers of uranium.

"Africa is a continent with a very high linguistic diversity."

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Money Colors- Red:Rouge, Brown:Brun, Blue:Bleu,Purple:Violet,Green:Vert,Pink:Rose

Currency: West African CFA franc

Money is called Naira.