Pre-K Newsletter

What is Happening in Pre-K

Hello Pre-K Families!

What a great week we had for Holy Week. Each student should be able to tell you about the Stations of the Cross and why we really celebrate Easter. Each student had a chance to carry our large cross in the classroom just as Jesus did and to get a deeper understanding of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter. We of course had to have some fun too! We ended our day with some jelly bean sorting, counting, compare/contrast, and then EATING our jellybeans!

Thank you to each and every one of you for meeting with me during conferences. I love being able to tell you just how wonderful your child is! We still have a lot of time left here in Pre-K and we are going to put it to good use.

Many of you probably already know this but my family and I will be moving at the close of this school year. My husband accepted a wonderful job along the Washington Coast with the school district and I have been asked to teach Pre-K at the same school district. This move is really answered prayers of mine. Our family lives at the coast so this will bring us back all back together! St. Mike's has been an amazing school and I was blessed to build the Pre-K curriculum, I will truly miss everyone in the community. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives.

Language Arts

A is for apple, B is for bear. We continue to work on our letter sounds. The letter this week is S so of course we will be having some spaghetti! We will also be reading our space words so each student can bring their books home at the end of the week to read them to you!


Counting, sorting, graphing, and writing our numbers. We will use "meatballs" and yarn to create our own mathematical spaghetti.


It is our last week space! Let's travel to the moon and make moon dough and work with gravity (or maybe the lack of gravity)! We will use bottles to create color that magically floats creating the look of no gravity!

God's Time

Jesus has many friends including us! All of our friends are the Church. Church is not a building, no church is the people that fill the building.