Ariel's Loved Land Marks

Done by Ariel Turcios himself

Favons of the great Ariel Turcios well you'll this trip. This trip show the land marks that means a lot to him and is small trips starts us off with Itasca State park and heads to the great water land of Wisconsin Dells and end the trip the a nice day at the Navy Pier.

Itasca State Park

This place means a lot to Ariel, for it's glorious and famous nature that he went to for. This is what got Ariel in to art. For the facts the place was established in 1891 and Itasca is Minnesota's oldest state park. The park has got no awards but has the benefit of starting the great Mississippi here is one of are happy customer have to say about it "Love that entire park, there is a lot of family history there."

  • Fishing

There are great fishing spots in all there 100 lakes, for those who are fish lovers you may want to go to all of them


The camp sites are wonderful and pieceful places to be at, this is a grate to closer to your family like Ariel did.

  • Hiking

The place is best for hiking with your family and friends, you get to see other hikers and see the the breath taking scenes.

  • The Start of The Grate Mississippi

The park if well famous for being the start of the Mississippi, the begin of the grate river starts off small but thanks to many other different rivers that connects to the river and thanks to that it can easily exit to the Gulf of Mexico.


Wisconsin Dells

The world of the wonderful Wisconsin Dells is a great land mark for Ariel, this place is where Ariel had the most time of his life and the place made him fell like king. the place have been running up to 150 years long. the place really give Ariel hope of living his life of fun and still live like a kid and help him see that growing up is not all to it. that place back then was known as A logging town then to a steamboat tour now to the Capital of Waterparks in the World. Here is one of the customer's who have to say about this trip "We've been to the Wilderness Lodge Resort a few time in the past and wanted to have a fun getaway during spring break. We enjoy the variety of waterparks and other play areas. It is clean and well maintained."

  • Mt.Olympus Water & Theme Park

Wisconsin Dells houses the Great and wonderful Mt.Olympus Water & Theme Park. The theme park is one of the big tourist attrition and rives the Noah Ark water park and both park brings in the a lot of customers but nothing can beat the Mt.Olympus.

  • Foods

the place has a lot of places to eat and meany are kids friendly and all the types of food are wonderful but nothing can beat the Famous Davies, Ariel loves that place and always eat there and he high recommend you eat there.


Nevy Pier

The last place on the trip is the Navy Pier in the awesome land called Chicago. this one place open his eyes to not take life for what it is because you only have one life and here showed he to live it well. The time Ariel was there he stay in a best western and what he did in there was shop, ride some rides, and in the end he spend his time in the indoor garden.


During WWI the pier was being used by navy personnel then was use to help 15,00 pilots in 1942. In 1977 City hall made Navy Pier a land mark for it's rich history of what has happen, The place has got "The Best of" in Chicago Attraction in 2008 and The award of 1#Tourist Attactin in 2009 just hear what this happy comstmer have to say "Taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel is a must at Navy Pier. "Taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel is a must at Navy Pier. You get a great view of the city at top of the ride. There are also several restaurants along the boardwalk to enjoy."

  • Must do

There is one must do there and that is ride the big Ferris Wheel. the Ferris Wheel comes with a breath talking view of the city, the ride is out most must ride for any age. One more thing must do there is to take a view of the great lake, it is one of out of breath talking view.


The Deals

The Big Deal

If you by now you'll get a 5 night stay at each place and 1 free coupons books and a $200 gift card and you save %50 in told and the price for the hole thing comes up to a $799.99 and act now and you'll get to meat him in person at every place. Thank you and hope you'll enjoy the trip.

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