Call of the Wild

The untold story of Buck's journey.

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Several Yeehat Natives and a former Gold Hunter John Thornton were found dead at the crime scene. The Natives were found with bite marks and they're usual weapon yet Thornton was the only victim to be found without any damage from the wild beast. The Investigation believe the Natives murdered Thornton at the night of the scene. Later being attacked by an unknown wolf-like species we too believe to be Buck, Thornton's loyal sled dog.

Buck's Journey started in Canada then later led to Alaska and so on. He was first noticed to have difficulty obeying his former masters and keeping peace with his comrades. Buck had to understand how to convert from being a tamed family dog to a wild beast. Due to all the conflicts on his journey, he has got himself into battles with his arch nemesis Spitz and has also struggled with Hal, Charles, and Mercedes and their cruelty. Surprisingly, he has also struggled with the fulfillment of Thornton's wager. Thornton became more than just a master and a servant, they began to have strong friendships from all the time they've saved each other mentally and physically. Sadly they're journey ended when Thornton sadly passed away the night of the attack.

The Police are searching for Buck day and night, looking for any bystanders or witnesses. They were told that they have seen a strange looking wolf roaming around the woods while families went hunting. They've mentioned how he looked as if he was the leader of his pack, with many young cubs and adult wolf's following his lead. The Police suggest calling the department if anyone sees the suspect and report the locations and time.

Personal Interview with Buck

Caitlyn: I am here today join by Buck the sled dog with his incredible journey. Now Buck, what would be your most important part of your journey?

Buck: Well, I definitely think it would be when I finally learned to convert from a house pet to a survivor. It has taught me the laws of civilization and of wilderness, the membership for individual in a group, the power of instinct and ancestral memory, and overcoming the struggle for mastery.

Caitlyn: Wow! What did you think about to keep you going in this path?

Buck: This started when I met Spitz, he was pretty much in controlled of everyone including me. He would steal my supper and gets me into trouble. I wanted to change how he treated me. So I began to steal and fought him more often and one night, we had a huge battle, and after learning his fighting technics I was able to take him down. From that day forward I've never encountered him again. Soon I became the leader of the group.

Caitlyn: How did it feel when you see Dave getting back up and fighting to his last breath to be a sled dog?

Buck:I've never had a good connection with him in the beginning. He was alway very gloomy and quiet. We were told that he likes to be left alone with. Yet that day when he was fighting to be in the harness again, well, let's just say we all saw the definition of stubbornness and determination till the very end.

Caitlyn: What might happened if you were never on this journey in the first place?

Buck:As hard as this journey is, I'm glad that I was kidnap into this mess. If I were to be still living ith the Judges, I would never learn about leadership and the laws of civilization and the wilderness. The journey has taught me that there are more things than just sitting at home and relaxing next to the fireplace.

Caitlyn: How did you decide of moving on from John's death to owning a pack of wolfs in the woods.

Buck: Well when I first found out about the death of my beloved master, I was no longer feeling tamed, It was when I kill the Natives I realized that I don't have anything civilized left in me and all that was left was ancestors wildness. I later moved on from his death and starting my own wolf pack where I can raise my young cubs and hunt like a wild animal.

Caitlyn: That was truly a very extreme adventure, thank you for sharing your journey with us!


Dave the dog, passed away from his dedication to being a sled dog.

Dave was a sled dog just like his comrades including Buck and others. He lived and ate with them for months and has been by each other's side since the beginning. Dave was the ideal dreary dog that liked to be left alone. Throughout his journey, he was known to be very quiet and liked to be left out of fights. He was recently found very indisposed by his former masters. They thought it would be best to change Dave to a lower position yet because of his gritty determination Dave fought for his spot back where he felt proud and well-pleased. Even at his lowest point, Dave still wants to finish what he started. Throughout the journey, He fumbled and stumbled in the trails yet his stubbornness in his personality made him rather die while pulling the sled. He is survived by Buck and Sol-lek.

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