John von Neumann

Amillion Johnson

Early Life

His original name was Janos Neumann. He was born December 28, 1903. He was a Hungarian American. His family was Jewish and they really cared about their culture. He grew up in a family that knew lots of information about their culture.

How he became interested?

His father was a banker when he was growing up. John would memorize phone books and recite numbers when he was younger. He really wanted to be a mathematician because he was good with numbers. His father discouraged his dream to go to school to be a mathematician because he did not think it would be enough money. John made a deal with his father that he would study chemistry and mathematics.


Georg Canty's theories of sets led to lots of difficulties. The reasons led to contradiction which split up the mathematical community. He was set back because he could not really focus on science all he could focus on was becoming a mathematician. He went to school begin his studies for chemical engineering but he would always get distracted by math. Being a mathematician came before chemical engineering.

Major Contribution

His theory was that unbounded self-adjoint operators in Hilbert space gives a logically satisfactory basis for quantum mechanics, and it is a building stone of modern mathematics as well. He showed how foundations could be applied in specific situations. He gave lectures all around the world on quantum mechanics and mathematical physics. He divided his time equally for the next four years. He did that so he could be able to give lectures to different schools equally.

He collaborated with Francis Murray and made the best discovery. His theory of rings of operators is called Von Neumann algebras. He use to think of ways his mathematical talent could help America prepare for war. He was in lots of committees and participated in all of them. He like to be apart of things that would express his talents.

He was able to use all of his knowledge and make a nuclear bomb for the war. He experience problems trying to make the bomb. Since he knew information about high explosive things he mad the bomb in a safer and quicker way. Also his technical contributions helped him make it too. He really became known then because of making the bomb

John Von Neumann & The Atomic Bomb


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