Photo editing

Into the sunlight on a run. This picture took place 2 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon on a run at a trail in the open. "I was going for a run in the afternoon with my mother and brother, where I saw the sunset it was beautiful I had to take a picture."
A dark afternoon at the park. This picture shows a dark mood and the setting was just perfect and calm. "I was watching my sister playing and the mood felt right to me and the image was beautiful."
A afternoon with peace. This picture says how beautiful a day can be on a Monday afternoon at the park with a trail, bugs are flying every where and free."This day was so perfect it felt amazing outside."
A friend I call a actual friend. This picture shows a day at lunch with my friend and we sat with each other the whole school year. "Today was a great at lunch it's crazy we still sit here."
A day at the beach. This picture was taken last year but shows the best memories that my family had. "It was a fun day to be at the beautiful beach with my family"