Scientific summer

By: Jonathan

My who what when and were

This summer I was Playing video games my favorite games to be exact On my PS3 I also played with friends online. The games I played was grand theft auto 5 and 4 also I played black ops 2. Me and some friends were playing Who had the same games. Friends I played with is Caden and my cousins also Nathan. I mostly played Over the summer most days in the morning and at night. Or when my dad was working. It was mostly at my house At my house in my bed room or at my cousins house. Because I didn't not really play over the school year.To get caught up on my games I have and to talk to friends over the summer. I did it on my PS3 On my PS3 on the Internet with people who have the same game.

Connections to science

This connect to science because there are many proses the PS3 makers had to go threw to make it. Like one of the proses are scientific method. They also have to test stuff. Like make sure the programming is right. For each and every game. Or just in the PS3 gaming console. Or even in the controller.

Look at me

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Look at me