For the week of June 14th

God as a Gardener

Scripture: Ezekiel 17:22-24

I know many people who feel closer to God as they work in their gardens. There is something holy about working in God’s good earth, turning over the soil, nurturing growth for food or beautiful flowers which proclaim God’s majesty. Ezekiel, though, talked about how God is a gardener. God will plant the twig, on the mountain height of Israel, and it will become a noble cedar. When it comes to working in our gardens, we are co-creators with God. We work beside our Lord, even as God provides the wonders of creation and all that creation needs to be fruitful. Ezekiel was also talking about how God nurtures the growth of God’s people. Each of us is a seed planted by God. It is up to us to turn to the source of our life, so that we too might grow and flourish.

Song: Remind Me Who I Am, Jason Gray

In our lives: Have you ever seen how a plant will often grow toward the sunlight, reaching out, bending its stem, stretching to be touched by the light? We should all follow the plant’s example! Every day, every moment, God is offering light and love, if we but turn toward God.

Father's Day Flowers!

Father's Day is June 21st. The carnations will be $3.00 each and may be taken home after church. Order forms along with your check (made payable to PCR/PW) or cash attached must be turned into the office by Sunday, June 14th. Please submit all orders on the form found in the bulletin. The money MUST accompany your order. Profits from flowers support PW's Mission Projects.

VBS Performance!

Join us for a special performance!

Our kids will be performing the musical:

Dr. Newheart's Neck-Up Check-Up

Friday, June 19th, 2015

6:00 p.m.

There will be a reception to follow!

Sunday School Kids!

The Sunday School kids raised money throughout the school year and were able to purchase two goats, and a Jatropha plant to help others in need through Bethlehem Ministry!

We are very proud of their desire to help others!

Great job kids!

Let your voice be heard!

The worship committee will be considering possible changes or new additions to our worship for the summer. Please share your thoughts or comments about worship. We welcome comments about all aspects of worship, from music, to the Word read and proclaimed, to the bulletin size, to any aspect of worship as we all seek to glorify God. One particular matter we are considering is bulletin size: What would you think of using smaller paper (81/2x14) for a bulletin and having one page insert with announcements, prayer concerns, and sermon notes?

Together, we glorify God and together we offer our hearts and lives to our God in worship. Be a part of how we are considering God's purpose for our lives this summer!

Share your comments with Pastor Leigh or Maggie Jane Chewning, worship chair.

Smyrna Camp Meeting

Smyrna Presbyterian Church is preparing for the 189th Campmeeting and would like to invite your congregation to join us. Services run from June 19th thru the 25th. Evening Worship services begin at 7:30 with special music by religious singers and musicians from the area beginning at 7:15.

The Sunday Worship and Memorial service will begin at 10:30 June 21st. Each morning at 11:00, the 22nd thru the 25th, a Bible study will be conducted. Lunch in the dining hall begins at noon and dinner at 6pm.

For more information, visit their website at

Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer this week for:

Joan McMullan, recovering from back surgery

Brenda Slade, chemotherapy

Rita Macchione, undergoing cancer treatment

Jane McMillian

Linda Moon, dealing with vertigo

Faye Kitchens, broken foot

Members of Circle #5 as they mourn the loss of their dear Circle Sister Kathy Woods

Shea Corry, Doc & Carleen’s daughter in law, diagnosed with cervical cancer, scheduled for hysterectomy in July

Jon Rutledge, Maggie Jane LL friend, Guillain Barre.

Sonya, niece of Kenneth Jenkins, fighting breast cancer

Doug Switzer’s daughter, friend of Mike Sager, diagnosed with melanoma

Debra Reeves, friend of Mike Sager, diagnosed with breast cancer and recovering from mastectomy

Gloria Blankenship, cousin of Eloise, in Piedmont Hospital receiving daily dialysis and diagnosis of multiple myeloma

Buser Family, friends of Daphne Nash, grandson DJ diagnosed with MD

Mollye, relative of Mary Scheaffer, stopping medical intervention

Bob Long, Mary Wallace's brother, prayers that his one kidney will start to function again, without dialysis

Basil and Gabby, pregnancy complications

Joy, Ramsey’s neighbor, recovering from mastectomy

Dot, Faye Kitchens’ sister-in-law, recovering from a stroke

Jay Morgan, nephew of Dan Morgan, Stage 4 cancer

Harry Burnett, Jerry Fisher’s brother, congestive heart failure

Mya, student of Courtni Mitchell, undergoing chemotherapy

Jean Rush, friend of Charlene Morgan, Stage 4 lung cancer

Our neighbors in need who have received food from PCR’S Food Pantry

Shut Ins: Freeman Barber, Jean Ghee, Louise Hanekamp, Doris Kirby, Jane McMillian, Ray Morgan, Emelyn Sexton, Evelyn Spivey, Hope Woodruff

About PCR

We are a welcoming, caring congregation, strong in fellowship and faithfully committed to worshiping God. Traditional in organization and open in worship, our mission is to share the love of God by serving our neighbors, whether we meet them around the corner or around the world.