KP Monday Memo

September 14 - Week 4

What is in here?

This is our weekly Memo that will contain the previous week's highlights, upcoming schedule notes, Gem Awards, announcements, reminders, and professional resources related to our rocks. These memos will be cataloged and available in our 15-16 Google Shared Folder in the Monday Memo Folder using a Google Sheet (see here) for your reference. Enjoy!
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Upcoming Events

September 14 - Rosh Hashanah - no school - offices open

September 15 - Department Supervisors - BLDG

September 15 - MS Department Meetings - 3:00pm

September 16 - CSI - Building-Completing our Charter

September 17 - Riverfront Recapture - Garnet Team

September 17 - Safe School Committee Meeting - 3:10 in the Library

Things Noticed:

We Noticed:

  • Students evaluating multi-variable equations
  • A ninja being freed using inquiry questions as they unlocked the mystery of a current event
  • Students being active after school connecting with peers and adults
  • Social Studies students sharing information about themselves with their peers through the creative decoration of paper dolls
  • Staff members expanding their knowledge of technology integration
  • Students writing about themselves from an alternate perspective and conferring with peers and/or the teacher about their writing
  • Students brainstorming service learning opportunities

  • Teachers using tongue depressors to “cold call” on students during a preview of their geography text

  • Students using a mnemonic acronym, “Mr Help” to learn aspects of geography

  • Students discussing interviews they conducted of people alive on 9/11/2001

  • Students interviewing each other to build inquiry skills, then writing to practice and build informational writing skills

  • Teachers handling complex comments and thoughts from students in a calm, measured, and thoughtful manner

  • Students singing about marvelous things and preparing for select choir auditions

  • Garnet and Emerald students mingling with each other in the cafeteria with a maturity that we knew they had

  • Counselors supporting students' digital literacy by focusing on what it looks like to good citizen online

Welcome our newest staff member to the KP Family

You're a GEM

  • Marisa Tamayo from colleague Jennifer Ukanowicz-Parrett for helping me speak to a Spanish speaking parent over the phone.
  • Matt Bannon and Kate Kiesewetter from the Ruby Team for taking the time to investigate Twitter and learn it so that you can teach the rest of the Ruby team! Also, thank you for helping Gina with her first tweet!
  • Kate Pearson from colleague Gina Pudo for getting me out of a Nearpod jam!

KP No Photo List - Where to Find It!

The KP No Photo List is ready to view

  • click on 15-16 KP News Shared folder in your drive
  • click on Student Information/Verification/BYOD/Intramural Grid
  • click on No Photo List

Let's get our families pumped for Open House with 3 Words. (click on the pics below to enlarge). Please submit your photo (individually/as teams/partners) by Friday 12noon. ALL STAFF encouraged to submit! Need more info, check out the GMA video included at the end.

Volunteer - KP Vegetable Garden

This year KP will be working with students and families to start our school vegetable garden. I am looking for a few other staff members who might be interested in helping with this project. This fall we would meet a few times to order the supplies that we need and plan. The hope is that in the spring we get families to come out to help us build and tend our plants. Please email if you are interested in helping in any capacity. We can use all the help we can get!

October 16th ---Reserve your spot

Denise has booked Lindsey to come for iPAD training; however, we want to make sure this is something of interest so that we are not pulling her from 15 other schools for no reason. :-)

Love the teams and administrators making the learning visible! Check out what's happening.

Check out our Family Newsletter: The KP Connection


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Faculty Lounge - Our Home Away From Home

Our faculty lounge is a space that is for all staff to use. Please, let's keep it neat and tidy by cleaning up this space after we use it. Let's empty the refrigerator of old food, wash our dishes/utensils, wipe out the microwave, etc.

Thanks everyone!

First Social Gathering of the Year

American Legion in WH Center

Thursday, September 24th, 4-6pm

Appetizers will be served

RSVP to Marnie, Danielle, or Kim H


Our first pay day is right around the corner! Please consider contributing to the Cheer Fund, $30 for full time staff and $20 for part time staff. With our contributions we are able to celebrate with our KP family during happy times and lift our colleagues up during difficult times. Cash or checks (with “cheer fund” in the memo section) can be given to Gina Pudlo. Thank you!

Teach Me Tuesday --September 22nd 7:10-7:30am in Room 224

Are you interested in joining the Twitterverse but need a bit of help on the basics? Come join us as we cover account creation (if you need it), posting a tweet (words, pictures and video) and the use of hashtags.

Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities

Culturally Responsive Book Club Book Group --Check it Out

CT Statewide Family Engagement Conference --Sept 25th

Registration is open for the CT Family Engagement Conference on September 25, 2015, 8:30-3:00 at the Sheraton, Rocky Hill. The conference will feature national speakers, best practice workshops, books and giveaways. The Conference will bring to life the U.S. Department of Education’s new Dual-Capacity Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships.

Resources to Check Out: Working on Big Rock 2-Staff Wellness

Homework Study Information

Kindergarten students have the least amount of homework, averaging 25 minutes per night, compared to high school students who have approximately an hour of homework per night, according to a recent study in the American Journal of Family Therapy. The study finds that as parents perceive a decline in their abilities to aid their children with homework, family stress increases. Study authors recommend that teachers assign homework that is interactive and applicable to the real world, so that families can experience it together in a meaningful way.

West Hartford Relay!

Do you like to run?

The West Hartford Relay is excited to bring back the Kids’ 5-mile Relay for kids ages 2 through Grade 5. Runners will circle Blue Back Square and pass the baton in front of Town Hall on Main Street.

Kids in grades 6-12 are invited to participate in our 20K Relay this year! A 5K course will begin and end in front of Town Hall on Main Street. Each team is comprised of 4 runners.

Grab your siblings, friends and classmates and form a team. Wear your school spirit shirts, team jerseys, or create a fun team uniform with your friends! Don’t miss an exciting way to have fun while staying fit!

Click on the link for more information!

3 Words - An Example of what it looks like in video --It's 6 minutes but you'll get the gist in less

One Republic's "Good Life": Your 3 Words Live on GMA 9/8/2011
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