Fly high in the beauitful sky :)

My kite will fly!!! by:Makiyah!!!!!!!!

All about the Bermuta!!!

What type of kite do you like? There are all different types of kites like the diamond kite, box kite and the della porta.The bermuta is one of the best kites in my opinion.The reason why I think the bermuta is one of the best kites is because they fly better than any other kite.The other reason is because of the sail in the back of the kite.That's why I think this kite is better than any other kite.

Materials Needed

The bermuta is not expensive to make. Santanea, Kemia, and I brought all the materials needed and the materials needed include: tape, tissue paper, paint, markers, glue, and copy paper for the tail (materials may vary). Bedazzel and glitter are optional.

There are 3 people in my group Santanea, Kemia, and Makiyah!!

When flying a kite the wind moves it side to side!!!!

The Outcome:)

The outcome of our kite was that even though our kite did not fly we worked together to put it together. We worked hard to finish this kite so I still felt like we accomplished something.

What I learned!!!!

During this project I really learned something. A few of the things I learned was working together with my group and to compare ideas. Listening to peoples ideas is one thing you are going to have to learn being in a group. Another thing I learned is being creative with my project and each day thinking of something knew to add to the kite. That is how my kite became as colorful as it did. You may not like it but it is enough to make an A. Thanks to Kemia, Santanea, and me (makiyah)!!!!

Math problem numder 6

PROBLEM SIX: On May 16, 1987, Troy Vickstrom decided to measure the speed of his maneuverable kite across the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. The kites speed of 108 miles per hour was measured using a police radar gun. Afterwards, the police issued a citation for exceeding the maximum speed in an area with a posted speed of 20 mph. (The ticket was a joke.) How can you measure the speed of a moving kite? ANSWER:

Math problem number