Week 18 - May 16 - 20

French I - Spring 2016

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La Dix-huitième Semaine

Welcome back to Week 18! C'est la fin du cours! There are still a few things left to finish up before it's all over though, so read below for more information. All assignments are due Friday, May 20!

Traditional Block:

This week Traditional students will finish work in Unit 10: L'Ecole and take the Final Exam. Unlike the Midterm Exam, the Final Exam is weighted and will count as 25% of the overall course grade. All past work from Units 6-10 AND assignments below are due this week:

1. L'Ecole, Section 3 Quiz

2. L'Ecole, Unit Exam


Year Long:

Students in YL courses will finish should finish any outstanding work they have in Units 6-10 before completing the final exam. Just like in Traditional Courses, the Year-Long Final Exam is weighted as 25% of the overall course grade. Assignments due this week include:


The semester will end on Friday, May 20. All assignments, including the final exam, will be due on that date. Final grades will be posted by teacher on Tuesday, May 24, and should be available in registration to schools on Thursday, May 26.
As a part of the requirements of the course, students are expected to attend live sessions with any French I instructor (1 session/unit). The dates/times of live sessions will be provided in this section of the newsletter each week. Instructors will communicate with students in course announcements should there be any change.

* Monday, 5/16 @ 9am w/ Mme Nicole Swanson (Final Exam Review)
* Monday, 5/16 @ 4pm w/ Mme Mary Hansbrough (Final Exam Review)
* Monday, 5/16 @ 8pm w/ Mme Claire Driscoll (Final Exam Review)
* Tuesday, 5/17 @ 4:30pm w/ Mme Erin Tyson (Final Exam Review)
* Thursday, 5/19 @ 1pm w/ Mme Susan Cowan (Final Exam Review)
* Thursday, 5/19 @ 6:30pm w/ Mme Maria Yandell (Final Exam Review)

Note that while the course calendars for Tradition, Early Calendar and Year-Long courses do not align, students may choose to attend any live session of their choosing. Students are also welcome to attend more than one session for extra practice! Students need to log in with both first and last name to ensure they receive credit for attendance. Those who phone in using the teleconference option need to identify themselves to the instructor presenting so their attendance is documented!

Vive La France...çais!

The adventure doesn't have to end here! Continue your study of the French language and culture in French II and beyond! We offer each level I-IV each term! Enroll now for Summer or Fall 2016!
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Nos Adieux

Sections 1 & 2 - Mme Claire Driscoll

"Bonjour à tous et merci mille fois pour tous vos efforts ce semestre. (Hello and thank you so much for all of your efforts this semester.) Each student has grown so much over the last 8 weeks, both in French knowledge and in one's knowledge of on-line learning. Je suis très fière de vous! (I'm very proud of you.)"

Section 3 - Mme Mary Hansbrough

"I want to say merci for being such excellent élèves throughout the semester. Je vous remercie pour tout le bon travail. Bonne chance avec français 2"

Section 4 - Mme Melissa Harrelson

"C'est la fin de cette classe--It's hard to believe the semester is over already. I wish all my students "bonne chance" in the future as they continue their learning in many different ways. It's been a great class and a joy to teach."

Section 6 - Mme Jean McDaniel

"C'est super-chouette d'avoir les élèves si fantastique. J'aime mon travail! Passez de bonnes vacances et bon courage en français 2! (It's so cool to have such fantastic students. I love my job! Have a great vacation and good luck in French 2!)" Mme McDaniel

Section 8 - Mme Karen Miller

"C'était formidable d'avoir travaillé avec vous (It's been wonderful working with you) et je vous souhaite bonne chance à l'avenir! (and I wish you luck in the future!)"

YL Section 3 - Mme Ashley Padgett

"As we come to the close of our time together, I'd like to say merci beaucoup to all of you for being une classe fantastique ce semestre , je vous souhaite "bonne chance" as you continue your studies of French - keep me posted on your progress!"