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Were Stronger Together 12/14/15

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Week at a Glance

This Week:

  • MOY Assessment K-5 - Last Week for MOY...Let's wrap it up nicely.

  • Monday-Friday, December 14-18: Secret Santa!

  • Monday-Friday, Staff Cone Decorating Contest (see below for teams)


  • Todd @ FHES


  • Rice and Todd off Campus
  • Christmas Sock Exchange! Anyone who wants to participate will meet in the Media Center at about 3:00 with a pair of wrapped socks


  • Winter Holiday Meal (2nd, 3rd, & 4th)


  • Todd @ FHES
  • Cardinal of the Month Lunch

  • Holiday Music Program (Pre-k thru 3rd) @ 6pm


  • Todd @ FHES

  • Completion of MOY assessments
  • Holiday Lunch! Social Committee

  • Winter Break

Next Month:

Get ready for our New Years Resolutions and accelerated instruction

Pull out your purpose from the beginning of the year. Reflections of a purpose driven teacher.


Teachers and staff

Teachers: Please look at the MOY Testing email from Mrs. Setzer. It is crunch time. We are drastically behind in a few classrooms due to various circumstances. There is a need for us to demonstrate the true meaning of teamwork as we conclude this benchmarking window. Please be prepared to change your schedule or help if asked.

TAs: You may be asked to assist with classes extra time that is not scheduled to allow for other staff to aid in this crisis.

Thanks to all in advance for getting the job done!

Forest Heights Holiday Decorating CONe-TEST Teams

  1. Pre-K (3) Watts, Stines, Student Teacher
  2. Kindergarten 1(3) Preston, Maurer, Burrell
  3. Kindergarten 2(3) McDowell, Gingles, Moore
  4. 1st (4) Branch, Klawiter, Burris, Ijames
  5. 2nd (3) Brackett, Beckham, Black
  6. 3rd (3) Martin, Picklesimer, Griffith
  7. 4th (3) Miller, Cissel, Ijames
  8. 5th (3) Ghent, Psarianos, Motes
  9. EC (4) McCormick, Dunn, McCray, Tindall
  10. Group 1- Kelly, Medford, Lartec
  11. Group 2 - Cafe Staff
  12. Group 3 - Custodian/Bus
  13. Group 4 - Armstrong, Davis, Knox
  14. Group 5 - Hardin, Hall, Setzer, Cudd, Baker, Hinkle
  15. Specials - Dyer, Harris, Glenn

  • Teams get ready to be creative! Gain points for design, originality, neatness, creative elements and more.
  • Guest Judges and Great Prizes!

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Suggested Classroom Accommodations for Specific Behaviors

Suggested Classroom Accommodations for Specific Behaviors

When you see this behaviorTry this accommodation

1. Difficulty following a plan (has high aspirations but lacks follow-through); sets out to “get straight A’s, ends up with F’s” (sets unrealistic goals) Assist student in setting long-range goals: break the goal into realistic parts.

  • Use a questioning strategy with the student; ask, What do you need to be able to do this?
  • Keep asking that question until the student has reached anobtainable goal.
  • Have student set clear timelines of what he needs to do toaccomplish each step (monitor student progress frequently).

2. Difficulty sequencing and completing steps to accomplish specific tasks (e.g. writing a book report, term paper, organized paragraphs, division problem, etc.)

  • Break up task into workable and obtainable steps.
  • Provide examples and specific steps to accomplish task.

3. Shifting from one uncompleted activity to another without closure.

  • Define the requirements of a completed activity (e.g. your math is finished when all six problems are complete and corrected; do not begin on the next task until it is finished).

4. Difficulty following through on instructions from others.

  • Gain student’s attention before giving directions. Use alerting cues. Accompany oral directions with written directions.
  • Give one direction at a time. Quietly repeat directions to the student after they have been given to the rest of the class. Check for understanding by having the student repeat thedirections.

5. Difficulty prioritizing from most to least important.

  • Prioritize assignment and activities.
  • Provide a model to help students. Post the model and refer to it often.

6. Difficulty sustaining effort and accuracy over time.

  • Reduce assignment length and strive for quality (rather that quantity).
  • Increase the frequency of positive reinforcements (catch the student doing it right and let him know it.)

7. Difficulty completing assignments.

  • List and/or post (and say) all steps necessary to complete each assignment.
  • Reduce the assignment into manageable sections with specific due dates.
  • Make frequent checks for work/assignment completion.
  • Arrange for the student to have a “study buddy” in each subject area.

8. Difficulty with any task that requires memory.

  • Combine seeing, saying, writing and doing; student may need to subvocalize to remember.
  • Teach memory techniques as a study strategy (e.g. mnemonics, visualization,
    oral rehearsal, numerous repetitions).

9. Difficulty with test taking.

  • Allow extra time for testing; teach test-taking skills and strategies; and allow student to be tested orally.
  • Use clear, readable and uncluttered test forms. Use test format that the student is most comfortable with. Allow ample space for student response. Consider having lined answer spaces for essay or short answer tests.

10. Confusion from non-verbal cues (misreads body language, etc.)

  • Directly teach (tell the student) what non-verbal cues mean. Model and have student practice reading cues in a safe setting.
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We're Stronger Together!

Know your Purpose (EVERYDAY)

My purpose is to use my leadership to inspire a culture of learning and excellence that guides my school and community to educational success, while having happy, healthy and safe stakeholders.

Staff One on One Meetings

Teachers and Staff:

Okay, I only managed to get one teacher last week. However, I have looked at the calendar and will fit each staff in during their media or computer time. Lauren will send you your time on Monday.

We will discuss:

  • Review your PDP (bring your device) -have your MOY section started. TAs this will be your MOY as well

  • Observations and Evaluations,
  • Teacher Data, (wall)
  • Student Data,
  • Professional Standards
  • and much much more.

This is a very quick session so be ready.