Adolf Hitler

Ava Thompson Academic 1

Have you ever wondered what happened to Adolf Hitler to make him do what he did? All about Adolf Hitler- The evil dictator, and his childhood. Hitler must have grown up in a different way than we did for him to have acted the way he did as an adult. His early adult years might also have influenced his acts as the dictator of Germany. Something had to have happened to him, for him to think that it was just fine to murder thousands of people, no matter the race or religion.

Hitler's early years were not as bad as expected. He was born on April 20, 2015 into the arms of Alois Hitler and Klara Hitler. At age 9 in 1898, Hitler and his family moved to Linz, the capital of upper Austria. He wanted desperately to go to a visual arts school, but his father wouldn't allow him, causing them to argue day and night about it. By the time Hitler was 19 years old, both his parents were dead. He moved into a homeless shelter in Vienna, and rejected any relatives and family friends who offered him food and shelter, but he survived, living off of money from selling water color paintings to a business partner.

The Big Reveal

Adolf Hitler was genuinely influenced about the hatred of Jews by two political movements. The first: The German Racist Nationalism and the second was that of Karl Lueger, mayor of Vienna from 1897 to 1910. Adolf Hitler grew up with a very not supportive father and a mother that died of Breast cancer. He then was dictator of Germany and committed suicide when he realized Germany would loose the war.