Portuguese Week: 11th to 15th of mai

PORTUGAL a beautiful country...

From Minho to Algarve, Azores and Madeira, Portugal has a cultural heritage of excellence as a result of mixing various influences.

Civilizations that populated the territory of the Phoenicians to the Romans, the Moors to the new generations, the ocean that feeds us and led us to the discoveries and exchanges with cultures around the world, the fertile soil to the mild climate that in the season, the Portuguese tradition is a heritage to the world.

Lisbon is the capital and has special monuments.

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History of Portugal in 7 Minutes!
Hino de Portugal cantado com letra / Portugal Anthem with lyrics


The portuguese gastronomy has Mediterranean and Atlantic references.
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Valongo is known for the board and for bread.
The Bugiada, party reporting to a medieval tradition and that tells the struggle between Christians and Moorish the possession of St. John's image, takes place on the street and the actors, which usually exceed six hundred, are people of the parish.
The popular character and originality of Bugiada, has led many national and foreign journalists to consider this manifestation as a rich ethnographic and anthropological phenomenon.
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Valongo was for many years known for providing bread to many other lands around them, with special emphasis on the city of Porto. The history of the municipality is intertwined with the history of bread, whose industry has always been developed by the people of the region. In a way they had obligation to develop work in this area because possessed to such conditions. The crop fields were fertile and mills on the rivers, with the force of the water, they ground the grain and made flour. There was hardly a house that had no oven to bake bread, make cookies, loaves and cookies.

Today Valongo has several water mills to admire. The Ferreira River Bridge still has the tools that were part of day-to-day one of the largest and most important activities that gave great growth Valongo: the baking and the production of biscuits

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Raquel Tavares - Rosa da Madragoa