Lookout Moutain

by Andy

Why I chose it

Have you ever seen a view so magnificent? If not you should go to Lookout Mountain. The view on the mountain is astonishing. You can see these 7 states, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. It is located in the northwest corner of Georgia, Walker County, USA. The reason that I chose Lookout Mountain was that I looked up pictures of it and those pictures look very grand. Another reason is that I love nature, and this place is full of nature.
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A tall moutain

To start of Lookout Mountain is a towering mountain. It stands 728 miles high. The mountain was made from natural forces. When I can I will go to Lookout Mountain to see the beauty of nature. It looks like the tallest mountain in GA but it is not. When you stand at the bottom of the mountain you see trees going all the way up to the top.

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How it was devolped

My landform was developed by natural forces thousands of years ago. The effect of destructive forces created this mountain. This land form didn’t really affect the earth, but it did affect the animals in that it gave them a home. Many animals like birds make their home in Lookout Mountain. The animals that live wouldn’t have a home, most of them, if Lookout Mountain was not there.

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A relaxing place

I have not traveled to Lookout Mountain or saw it. I would want to go to this place because I love nature. Aldo this place looks like a place where I can relax. Now that I know more about this place, I can see why this place has a lot of visitors. The city probably won’t get as many visitors if Lookout Mountain was not there.

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Why my classmates should go their

I think that my classmates should go to Lookout Mountain, because Lookout Mountain is a beautiful place that has a lot of wild life. Another reason why is that you can see a breath taking view. My last reason is that you can see 7 states on top of the peak. As I have said so far. Lookout Mountain is a beautiful place that everyone should go to at least once.

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