Raymond Central Newsletter

October 2017

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Homecoming Royalty - September 8, 2017

King - Duke Nelson

Queen - Cicely Pickel

Prince - Tucker Randall

Princess - Ashley Heyen

Duke - Nate Boyd

Duchess - Madison Stover

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Picture Retakes for Grades 6-12

Picture Retakes are October 9th. If you are planning on retakes, please bring back your original pictures on retake day. You may also pick up a new packet in the office at the high school.

Lunch & Elementary Breakfast Menu

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Junior High Football

The Raymond Central Junior high football team is off to an excellent start. The Mustangs' A team is 2-0 defeating Lincoln Lutheran 38-22 and Lincoln Christian by a score of 48-12. The B Team is 1-1 defeating Lincoln Lutheran and losing to Lincoln Christian in a close game 24-22. As of September 19, the junior high football teams remaining schedule includes Wahoo, North Bend, Logan View and Syracuse.

"The boys are playing very hard and are working each day to improve as a team," says Coach Henderson.

The junior high teams are coached by Mr. Henderson, Mr. Kliment, Mr. Serrano and Mr. Dexter.

Raymond Central Counseling Center 2017-2018

October FAFSA opens for Class of 2018

October 4th Juniors College Visit Beatrice College Fair and Doane University

October 11th PSAT National Merit Scholarship Test for 10th and 11th grade 8-noon

October 16th No School

October 17th Mini College Fair- Hastings College, Concordia University, University of

Nebraska Omaha, Army,

October 18th Senior College Visit- School of your choice

October 20th No School

October 26th Josten’s returns to pick up orders

October 28th National ACT Test

Raymond’s Climate Change Dilemma

By Kate Silknitter

Raymond will soon be face to face with the repercussions of climate change just like Puerto Rico and Texas have in these recent months, but there’s ways to prevent it. Even though Nebraska is landlocked and a non-mountainous region, climate change still affects our crops though erosion, droughts, and severe tornadoes.

Will Turner, a local Nebraska farmer has lived in the Midwest his entire life and worries about climate change harming his ranch. Turner states, “Climate change can pose a real threat to crops which in turn could harm us as well. Without crops farmers will lose money and in extreme circumstances people will starve.” When questioned about the specific ways climate change affects the community of Raymond and him personally, Turner responded, “There are three main things that are a very big concern: tornadoes are going to get more severe, droughts are gonna last longer, and erosion can cause rows of crops to collapse and suffocate.” There is strong accuracy to his statements. Tornadoes have been more prevalent in the Midwest leading to a hike in insurance prices. Droughts have been lasting longer due to the weakening of the ozone layer. People have less protection against the sun and so do the weakened crops. Rivers rise due to unpredictable rain which results in the flooding of fields and the eroding of produce. Turner was persistent on how high of a conundrum climate change really is, “Farmers especially need to pay attention and convince others to pay attention too. Too many people are turning a blind eye to something that is a real, proven threat or simply don’t believe it’s true.” Climate change is often flat out denied despite the majority of the scientific community’s evidence proving it to be a very real thing.

Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson have also made multiple public urges for a change in these harmful habits. Older generations don’t believe it to be a threat, while youths don’t seem to acknowledge it unless it’s directly affecting them and their way of life. When asked what people could do today to prevent the disasters of climate change like hurricane Irma and Harvey Turner replied, “People need to take care of this planet. Recycling and carpooling is important, but we really need to reduce our overall carbon footprint.” Some fantastic replacements would be using thorium instead of uranium to power our buildings and using hemp instead of trees and cotton in making paper and clothes. Turner also put in some words of warning, “Don’t wait until the sky is falling to do something. Climate change is already harming the rest of the world, so take action now even if it’s not as obvious here.” Turner is right. In the last month fire has ravaged the northwest, the south has been flooded, and Europe has been hit by a record high heat wave. The month of October holds a possibility for more unpredictable weather. The community of Raymond can help prevent climate change through introducing a community greenhouse and/or recycling projects. Don’t wait till it’s too late, act now instead.

Social Media 101

In today's society, social media is the most efficient way to stay connected. The many platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allow users to get a peek into others' lives through written pieces as well as pictures. Social media applications (apps) can also be used to encourage online learning for students in schools. However, there are downsides to technology and how it is used amongst teenagers today.

The best course of action is to have a conversation with your children and about their safety online and be in the know of their app usage and purposes. It would also be beneficial to set guidelines for their role online and privacy settings to prevent concerns from arising in the future. The apps are readily available on all smartphones and can pose an issue for students' self-esteem and their image to people who come in contact with them, both personally and online. Here are some resources about apps that are out there and why it is important to stay connected in a safe and smart way:

"The 12 Apps That Every Parent of a Teen Should Know About"


"Apps Stirring Up Trouble in Schools"


The Smart Girl Society


-Offers videos and explanations of popular apps and the opportunity to ask questions about each app

Student School Board Member

Cicely Pickel, senior, is the 2017-2018 Student School Board Member for Raymond Central Public Schools. This position is part of her role as the Student Body President at the high school.

In addition to her role as an honorary School Board Member, Cicely is the President of both the Student Council and Social Justice Club, the Vice President of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter, and a captain on the softball team. She is also involved in National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Spanish Club, One Act, the dance team, and a member of the girls basketball team.

Looking ahead, Pickel is excited to make a positive influence on the Raymond Central Public Schools as well as give her peers the chance to be heard. Pickel aspires to create a unified front for supporting Raymond Central activities and to promote student involvement.

One of Pickel's many skills consists of planning parties and she claims Homecoming was a great time to showcase those skills. Cicely was also named Homecoming Queen at the coronation ceremony on September 8th.

Cicely is the daughter of Ron and Katy and sister to Eli and Zane.

Raymond Central Skills USA

By Makenzi Isaac

Mission Statement

Skills USA is a national organization that works to empower its members to become world class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens. This organization works to improve the quality of citizenship, leadership, employability, and technical and professional skills training. It enhances the lives and careers of students, instructors, and industry representatives as they strive to be champions at work.

2017-2018 Raymond Central Skills USA Officers

  • President: Duke Nelson

  • Vice President: Taylor Nelson

  • Secretary: Jett Burklund

  • Treasurer: Skylar Sterns

  • Parliamentarian: Emmett Hughes

  • Historian: Josh Palensky

  • Junior Advisor: Miranda Hornung

  • Committee Leader: Logon Marshalek

Duke Nelson also is serving as the 2017-2018 State Parliamentarian


The Raymond Central Skills USA officers and some members recently attended Fall Leadership Conference on September 25. This is a one day conference where chapters from across the state participate in leadership activities, chapter training, and industry tours.

Two other activities our chapter has coming up are Mid America on October 19-22 and Skills week February 5-9. Mid America is a leadership conference with local and state officer and advisor training. It is three and one half days where students will plan, implement, and complete community service projects, fundraisers, news articles, contests, business and industry field trips, general sessions, and elements for a successful chapter. Students who attend this conference will be able to earn their statesman degree. During Skills week our chapter has many activities for members and other students to participate in. One of the most important activities is members going to the elementary schools and teaching students about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) with fun activities that teach about science and technology.

Best Selling Author Trudy Ludwig is coming to Raymond Central Elementary

This October 11, students and staff at Raymond Central Elementary will have the opportunity to spend time with children’s advocate and award-winning author Trudy Ludwig. Trudy has been featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” PBS’s nationally syndicated show, “Keeping Kids Healthy,” Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Reading Rainbow, the National Crime Prevention Council’s Circle of Respect program, and has served as an expert panel member on Sesame Street Workshop’s video series addressing bullying. Her books (My Secret Bully, Just Kidding, Sorry!, Trouble Talk®, Too Perfect, Confessions of a Former Bully, Better Than You, The Invisible Boy and her newest release, Gifts from the Enemy) have received national praise for helping children cope with and thrive in their social world.

In each of her student assemblies at our school, Trudy will read one of her books to the audience and discuss the story and the characters’ roles. Through engaging, age-appropriate activities and role-play with the author, the children will learn important life skills related to making healthy friendship choices.

Later that day, Trudy will also be providing an after-school presentation to all Raymond Central staff providing them with tips, tools, and resources in their ongoing efforts to foster a positive, caring, and inclusive school environment.

For more information about Trudy, her books, and other resources on the topics of friendship and bullying issues, please visit the author’s website: www.trudyludwig.com.

If you are interested in purchasing a book written by Trudy Ludwig, complete the order form on the back of this flyer and return to the JoAnn or Jean in the office of each building by September 28. Please make checks payable to RCPS with Ludwig written in the memo, be sure to fill out your student’s name on the form so books are delivered to the correct student.

We wish to give special thanks to the Raymond Central PTO, the Raymond Central Education Foundation and all who participate in the Janet’s Jungle Plant Sale held each spring

for making this author visit possible.

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Teammates 2017

2017 Back to School Challenge

The TeamMates Program was founded in 1991 by Tom and Nancy Osborne in order to provide the support and encouragement youth need to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education, TeamMates currently provides a mentor to over 7,500 youth in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Wyoming. The TeamMates vision is to become the gold standard of school-based mentoring programs and serve 12,000 youth by 2020.

The Back to School Challenge (formerly known as Coaches’ Challenge) is a friendly competition between TeamMates chapters with a shared goal to connect more caring adults and young people through quality mentoring relationships. Right now, one out of every three young people will grow up without the support of a mentor. With your help, we can help close that gap and make an impact on youth across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Wyoming.

Take a moment and think about the mentors in your life. Were they good listeners? Were they there for you? How would your life be different without them? The Raymond Central TeamMates Mentoring Program is looking for enthusiastic, positive role models to make a difference in the lives of young people in our community. Matches in TeamMates meet once a week at school to play board games, work on projects, or simply to talk. Pay your mentoring experience forward and join the team. One visit a week can make a life long impact.

Raymond Central currently has 11 active matches in grades 4th-12th, with a waiting list of 10 students who would like to have a mentor. If you enjoy working with youth or know someone who would be willing to give 30 minutes of his or her time once a week, visit Teammates.org to learn more and please contact Kristine White at krwhite@rcentral.org for information on how to become a mentor.

TeamMates Core Values

  • Commitment to youth — We are committed to serving youth with compassion and respect.
  • Safety — The safety and protection of the mentee and mentor is first priority.
  • Integrity and Trust — We are committed to integrity and trust in all relationships.
  • Inclusion — We are committed to the inclusion of mentees and mentors from diverse backgrounds.

Investing in the Future

“Our young people face different challenges today that affect them personally. If we are going to make a difference, we have to get involved with them as one-to-one mentors. We thank you for your support and we know that one student at a time, we can make a difference, not only in this generation, but for the generations to come.” – Dr. Tom & Nancy Osborne

For more information please click or visit the following website:



Congrats to Brandon Unverferth and Cicely Pickel as our nominations for the US Bank and NSAA Believers and Achievers Award. Brandon was selected as one of 48 winners in the state to win the award!

Spanish Club Plays Laser Tag To Kick off activities

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To order a yearbook for grades 6-12 for this school year, please send payment to the highschool OR you may order online at www.walsworthyearbooks.com, selecting Buy a Yearbook or Ad and then searching for Raymond Central.

Pricing is as follows:

$40 per yearbook until December 31, 2017

$50 per yearbook from January 1, 2018 to May 20, 2018

If you have multiple children in grades 6-12 and would like more than one yearbook (must order by check to receive these prices):

$75 for two yearbooks until December 31, 2017 -- $80 after January 1, 2018

$110 for three yearbooks until December 31, 2017 -- $120 after January 1, 2018


Work Scheduled to Begin on N-79 Raymond Road to Valparaiso August 30, 2017 (Lincoln, Neb.) — Weather permitting, work is scheduled to begin September 5 on N-79, starting at Raymond Road and continues north for 8.5 miles to Valparaiso, according to the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

Pavers Companies, of Waverly Nebraska, is the prime contractor for this $11.6 million project. Work includes construction of a temporary road to maintain N-79 traffic while the highway bridge north of County Road A is removed and replaced. Culvert work will be done along West Rock Creek Road. Tree removal and grading along with other culvert work will occur at various locations throughout the project. County Road A will be closed for a short time while the contractor is building the new County Road A intersection for the temporary road. N-79 will remain open this fall and winter with some lane closures that will be maintained by flaggers. The speed limit will be reduced to 45 mph on the temporary road. In March of 2018, N-79 will be closed and traffic will be detoured to North 14th Street utilizing West Raymond Road and County Road A allowing the contractor to work on grading, culverts, bridges and resurfacing. It is planned to have N-79 open to traffic by December of 2018. Remaining work will carry over into 2019 and will be performed under traffic-maintained conditions. The Department of Transportation project manager is Robert Sanburn of Lincoln. Motorists can expect delays, reduced speed and are asked to drive cautiously through construction zones. #NDOT#

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