Can You Feel It?

Spring Has Sprung!

TGIF Divas!

The warm spring air is upon us and it's time to emerge ourselves with all that April has in store for our businesses. I like to compare our opportunity this month to watching a springtime crocus bud up from the ground, our businesses can come out of hibernation and experience new growth and blossom. Don't bother basing the strength of your business of what you did (or didn't do) this winter, LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT YOU CAN DO THIS SPRING!

March was a stellar month for many of you with hitting the 30% commission, sponsoring and/or promoting for the first time. Take a moment to think about what you you want out of April. You have the benefit of so many incredible offerings this month to hostesses AND potential Stylists: Autism Awareness, the TSE for April, the Get-Away promotion, the new Sponsoring Special and of course, Mother's Day gifting. Now it comes down to carving out some S&D time in your schedule to make it happen. Let's be realistic, will your efforts reap immediate results? Possibly. Will your efforts plant the seeds for opportunity? Absolutely. I promise you that with a committed, strategic approach to your business, you will create momentum. The golden rule is that you have to keep going and never, never give up.

Need a little kick start? Then attend your local April Open Team Meet Up! Come see the new summer capsule collection, gain knowledge and leave with inspiration and empowerment to move your business forward.

As always, Sarah and I are here to support you - whether that be a quick check-in phone call, a face to face lunch date or a weekly one on one coaching Skype call. Let us know how we can help. We want to see you soar with this opportunity this spring and beyond!

Join me this Sunday night at 8:30pm EST for a NST. Did you just join our team or maybe you need a refresher? Then this call is for you!

I'd like to also offer a Move Your Business Forward call right after the NST at 9:30pm for those of you who would like to discuss ways to incorporate Fundraising Trunk Shows into your business. I've had 4 extremely successful Fundraiser trunk shows in recent months and I know you can benefit as well.

Both calls will be recorded.

We've Got Gift Giving Need Covered!

We believe in you!!

Our team is comprised of bold, joyful, "can do" women. Thank you for all that you do and how well you represent Stella & Dot and our team.

Please don't forget to check the Divas Unite FB page (or be sure you are in the group). Great forum to post questions, get ideas, give kudos, etc.


Kristen & Sarah