American teens cheat,lie, and steal

Chuck Colson breakpoint


Teens said that when it comes to doing right, they are better than most people they know that's why they act like this to this day.

And according to the Josephson institute of los angeles "results paint a troubling picture of our future politicans and parents,cops and corprate exectutives, and journalist and genreals. Thats the view of the school and why this article is made.


Contemperary ethics-Ethics that are going to stay like they are which means untemporary

Future-Things that are coming next like the next scene in movie

Additudes-The way someone or something acts and behaves

Satasfied-A meaning for a acomlishment that they are satasfied of.

Authors purpose

The main porpose was too give people an idea of what teens in america do day to day.