Anthology Porject

By Elyse LeBeau


Elyse LeBeau was born in Arlington Texas, and is currently living in Rhome Texas. She began to write poetry this past summer about her friends and family. She has written five poems including, a Where I’m from poem, Narrative poem, Structure poem, Ode poem, and a Sonnet poem. Each poem includes a little bit of herself within the stanzas.

Where I'm From

I am from max volume,

from dull number two pencils, and a thousand wishes.

I am from the letters thrown in the pond,

(Which are still visible to read,

if the sun creates enough glare on the water).

I am from pinecones, bluebonnets.

I am from fires on days below 40 and homemade ice cream on days that pass 90,

from Payne and LeBeau.

I am from the conversational and the confident.

From the monsters in the closet and the boy in the stop lights.

I am from the citizens on their knees with their arms starched wide

exchanging words with the king upstairs.

From the worn hospital on Randal road,

and the sweet smell of chocolate chip cookies and brownies I come home to every so often.

From the clumsy men on Christmas Eve

and the girl with the broken tooth

and the boy with autism.

I am from the films my family watches to re-live the happy memories.

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In a "Where I'm from" poem, it is important to tell your audience more about you. In my poem, I provided the audience with a brief story about myself, and my background.

Too far (Narrative)

He looked to his left and to his right and they were already staring at him.

The words exchanged between the groups of students are unpredictable.


A day passes and he begins to find things out about himself

that he didn’t even know.


Walking to seventh period, more eyes were fixed on him than usual.

The pointed fingers and whispers caused him to shake due to his anxiety,

but he never let them see.


He heard his name repetitively along with words such as

“ugly”, “different”, “annoying”, “mistake,”

and began to believe them.


Tear fell from his bright blue eyes,

which he thought so highly of not too long ago.

He became quiet, which became violent.


He swallowed the pills thinking that maybe they would make him

attractive, fit in, loved.

He told himself that it felt good not to feel anything.


His funeral was the following day and they showed up.

They had unsteady hands, and wet eyes.

Little did they know, they were making themselves cry.



Narrative poems tell the audience a brief story, but does not follow a specific template that it needs to be written in. In my narrative I wrote about how bullying can affect ones life, which was tied to a personal story. I added "Bullies" after every stanza to create suspense and foreshadow the ending.

Once is too much (Structure)

The new kids

to high school just

Wanted to fit in,

so they tried it.

“Only once” they

told everyone. Once

became twice, and

twice became a

habit. Before they

knew it, they were

in too deep. They

lost control over

their minds, and

strived for nothing

except for the meet

up after school.

“Only once.”


In a structure poem, the theme of the poem should determines the shape of the it should be. In my structure poem, I wrote about how addictive cigarettes become when telling yourself "only once." My poem is shaped into a cigarette.

The deep, the meaningful (Ode)

Ode Poem

Morning tides and night tides wash up the worlds fondest treasures,

that starts sparks in children’s eyes.

[It sings to the animals beneath itself] and shows comfort to those above.

Its starts up a disturbance for the men sailing, but only makes them stronger.

[Like us, it’s always changing and growing.]

An image of ourselves, it appears so simple but contains so much depth within itself,

which only certain people are able to see.

[The way the ocean dances] when violent gushes of wind strike creates a show for every eye

and how the[ waves wash up people’s wishes]

and how it has seen some of the widest smiles can only put me into awe.

The [gentle touch] it gives, which runs individually through each finger,

send reassurance to us that no one else is able to portray.

A bliss, a contentment, a paradise, the ocean.


Ode poems are usually written to or of someone or something that you admire. In this case, I wrote my ode to the ocean. Growing up I have always been around water, and have only seen the ocean twice. One reason I admire the ocean is because of the inner and outer beauty that it holds, as explained in my poem. The ode poem does not follow a specific pattern but explains how much you look up to that certain someone, or something. (The five literature terms are in brackets.)

Unknown (Sonnet)

I suppose love can be compared to trees,

the leaves fall as the seasons are changing.

It has all of us looking for hope and begging on our knees,

while in our heads we have so many scenarios that we are arranging.

We tell ourselves that love will make us better,

but some of us believe that’s just a trick.

I often ask myself why I wrote him so many letters,

because it all ended so quick.

Then again, in the spring the leaves will grow back,

and the bruises on our hearts will heal.

Our souls will recover from all the cracks,

and pain is something we will no longer feel.

So maybe love is both bad and good,

because it just adds another story that makes us who we are to our childhood.


The sonnet poem is based upon a "AB" rhyme scheme, that typically revolves around the subject of love. In my poem I tied in my opinion on how love has worked out for me in the past, along with a tone shift. The title is "Unknown" to represent the person my sonnet was written about.