King Henry IV


King Henry IV background

Henry IV, King of England. was born April 3rd of 1367 in Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire. He took the thrown of England on September 30th of 1399. He took the thrown from King Richard after King Richard was forced to abdicate the thrown. In 1380 He married Mary de Bohun, the co-heiresses of the last Earl of Hereford. King Henry IV died on March 20th, 1413.

King Henry IV impact on today

King Henry's manner of rule was based on a constitutional basis. This type of rule is carried over today and even our own government is loosely based on this type of governance.

King Henry IV Achievements

He seized the thrown from King Richard after seizing the thrown placed King Richard in prison, who later died. King Henry IV had to fight many rebellions. Especially against several groups who questioned his ability and right to be king. His rule was based primarily on a constitutional basis. He could never shake the stigma of being a usurper King, which plagued his rule.

Interesting Facts about King Henry IV

King Henry IV had six children, two girls and four boys. William Shakespeare wrote a play about King Henry IV. Most people believe he died of leprosy, in a church while praying.