Summer Band Camp & Heat

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We have been experiencing temperatures in Central Texas that are even hotter than usual. Families are understandably concerned for their students' well-being as we approach summer band camp and after-school practices. This newsletter describes the typical summer band practice schedule, why it is the way it is, and what we do to stay safe in the heat.

Outside in the morning - Inside in the afternoon

In general, we are only outside from around 8:00am to 11:00 or 11:30am on a given day of summer band camp. While temperatures often reach the 90s in the morning, we have found students can handle the heat. We spend the morning working on our aerobic conditioning, stretches, learning marching fundamentals, and sets from the show.

Lunch is INSIDE (typically 90 minutes) around 11:00 or 11:30am. When lunch is over, around 12:30 or 1:00pm, we resume summer band camp INSIDE with music rehearsals.

After-School Marching Rehearsal

Due to a variety factors, we practice after-school once school begins. All rehearsals and events are posted on the band website.

Our bell schedule is 8:15am-3:55pm every day. One reason we practice after school is due to transportation. Students come from all parts of town to attend LASA and the AISD buses are only able to provide transportation for LASA students based on school bell schedules, thus there are no buses available for before-school rehearsal.

After-school rehearsal goes from 4:15-6:35pm. Late buses are available for students and they depart at 6:45pm.

Clothing etc.

  • white T-shirt (REQUIRED)
  • shorts (REQUIRED)
  • tennis shoes with socks (REQUIRED)
  • 64oz insulated water jug (REQUIRED)
  • sunscreen (REQUIRED)
  • sunglasses (STRONGLY ENCOURAGED)

  • Students are required to wear a white T-shirt to help reflect some of the sun's rays. (The 'summer band uniform' is for actual performances, not rehearsals.)
  • Students are also STRONGLY encouraged to wear a hat to help reduce the amount of direct sun they get on their head and face.
  • Students are REQUIRED to wear shorts and tennis shoes w/ socks.
  • Many students find that sunglasses help them with glare, reducing eye strain.
  • Put on sunscreen every time before outdoor rehearsal. Sunburn = no fun.

Clarification on summer band uniform versus band camp attire:


  1. For each day of band camp and after-school marching band, students should wear a white T-shirt. Exception is guard, who will be allowed to wear different colors based on Mr. Vereen's input.
  2. This helps the director staff with the visual learning process. When students are dressed the same, the on-field picture is easier to read allowing us to give useful feedback.
  3. This helps reduce a bit of the heat for students by dressing in a light color.
  1. This is the navy blue t-shirt and shorts students were required to purchase back in May, or coming up in a few more days when the online store reopens the ordering window.
  2. This is what we wear as entire band program at all our early season performances.
  3. We will plan on wearing our full marching band uniform for the first time at the CapCity Marching Festival exhibition performance.
  4. Every time we wear the full marching band uniform, we wear the summer uniform underneath (shirt and shorts); that way, when we're allowed to take off our jackets in the stands, we still look uniform.

Diet and Sleep (plus water, water, water)

The most important thing students can do to remain safe in the extreme Texas summer heat is to ensure proper diet and sleep. Lack of sleep is one of the top causes of accidents and low performance across all fields of human endeavor. Lack of sleep PLUS extreme heat = feeling BAD.

Proper diet includes regular meals/snacks comprised of real food and plenty of water throughout the day. (Flamin' Hot Cheetos are not, contrary to popular student belief, REAL FOOD!) Protein keeps you strong and allows muscles to recover more quickly throughout the day. The vitamins and nutrients in vegetables, fruits, and healthy starches helps your body make it's own short and long-term energy. Eat bad = feel bad.

Students ABSOLUTELY MUST eat breakfast and lunch each day. Everyone is different, but experience has shown time and time again, that many students who feel bad during morning or after-school rehearsals DIDN'T EAT breakfast or lunch.


Students will drink 64-128oz water each day, throughout the entire day. Students MUST have a 64oz (or bigger) insulated personal water jug. Write your name on it and fill it up consistently throughout the day, even after you get home in the afternoon.

We will have two 10-gallon water jugs filled with ice and water prior to every outdoor rehearsal. We fill these up as necessary throughout the rehearsal. Thanks to our Student Field Managers for taking care of the band! In a typical hour of rehearsal outside, we take 3-5 water breaks.

We're Stronger Together

Although percussion and guard begin on 7/18, they will not be outside very much this week. So, everyone has about one week to prepare for band camp. Some simple tips that I recommend. Take a walk every day or get outside and be physically active. Take some water, put on some sunscreen, wear a hat and move around. Take note of how you're doing. Don't over do it on the first day or two, but work your way up to being outside for 30 or more minutes over the coming days. This will help you get used to the heat.

One of the surprising things about training in a group of people is how the group energy can help individuals meet the challenges of the situation they otherwise might not feel up for on their own. We're stronger together! Take care of yourself, let others know when you're feeling especially bad and take a 5 minute break on the sidelines then head back on the field. Take care of yourself, take care of each other and we'll have a safe and fun summer band camp.

NOTE: band directors are required to take CPR and First Aid training every two years and I am current on my certification.

Thank you,

Ponder East, LASA Band