The European Union & Greece

The History of Greece

Greece joined the European Union(EU) in 1981. Before they joined the EU, In 1830 they achieved independence from Ottoman Empire. Than in 1940 Italy invaded Greece. Greece than joined the nato in 1952.

Location of Greece

Greece is located in south east Europe, and has more than 2,000 island through out the Aegean sea, sea of Crete, and the Mediterranean sea. Greeces exact location is 39*N, 22*E.

The surrounding country's are Albania, Bulgaria, Macédoine, and Turkey.

Interesting Facts About Greece:

Capital and Major Cities

The capital of Greece is Athens. Athen is located near the center of all of Greeces islands.

The major cities in Greece are Athen, Thessaloníki, Piraeus, and Pátrai.

Government and Currency

Greece has a Parliamentary republic government. That means that it's a type of government that operates under a system where government drives its legitimacy from its account to the parliament. The currency in Greece is the euros, they have been members of the eurozone since 2001.


The most popular thing in Greece that attracts people to come is their islands. The are many island so there are so many to like at and travel around.