Homelessness in America

By Sage Peterson


Homelessness is a downward cycle that takes everything from people. It can come from health problems, violence, family problems, work ,and many other things. There are many problems you face when you are homeless one of those is sickness. Homeless people are at a higher risk of death than any one else. The life expectancy goes down significantly when your homeless. When your homeless it is hard to get health care and it takes a long time to get it to. There are not many ways homeless people can get health care but there is a government funded program for that. That program is called Health Care for the Homeless (HCH).


Prevent homelessness is a big thing that everyone should be apart of. To help them with drug/alcohol problems along with many others. Help them in a time of need to get them out of the place there in. You can be apart of many foundations even if there big or small. One of them can be Joppa ministries.


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