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October 1, 2021

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Dear Families,

On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2021, WPSD will be hosting Parent Teacher Conference. Conferences will be available to you IN PERSON, or via GOOGLE MEETS.

At the High School, we will be offering conference times from 8:00am - 12:00pm and 12:45pm - 3:30 pm in 15 minute sessions. Be sure to include your student's NAME and your preference of IN-PERSON or REMOTE for the conference when you schedule your session.

Please use the link directly below to sign up for conferences with your child's teachers. Teachers are listed in alphabetical order by FIRST name. Please scroll down the page to find the teacher you wish to see, and then click on the teachers name to enter the sign up.

We look forward to connecting with you and having conversations that will help our students navigate this school year with ACADEMIC TENACITY, AGENCY, RESILIENCE, SELF-DIRECTION, CURIOSITY and PURPOSE.

Mr. Burr, Principal

Mrs. Karen Hamlow, Assistant Principal

Ms. Cindy Gannon, Assistant Principal


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Power Lunch by Noah Wipprecht

Power Lunch has helped many students across Woodland Park High School. What Is Power Lunch? Power Lunch is a fascinating new concept where students get 30 minutes of extra lunch if they have completed all of their work. Upon completion of their work, their advisory teacher gives them a sticker to access their extra 30 minutes of lunchtime. If they haven’t completed their work they can spend time catching up on academics. Students can take this time to study and take tests. Many students have been falling behind on the Summit Learning Platform and now have been able to use the extra 30 minutes to get back on track on PFAs and Projects. Another benefit of Power Lunch is that it has helped lower the number of people in lines to get food in the cafeteria. The lunchroom is now significantly less crowded than before. The time spent in line has been cut down dramatically.

Power Lunch motivates many students to get caught up on work so they can have the extra 30 minutes of lunch. When asked what Mr. Graf thought about Power Lunch he said “ I think it gives our students extra time to catch up on work and also gives students the incentive to catch up on work so they can have 30 minutes of extra lunch”.

Power Lunch has helped many athletes in our district as well. Some of our Woodland Park athletes have been falling behind in school work and haven’t been able to participate in sports. When the principal, Mr. Burr, was asked about what his opinion was on Power Lunch he said “We’re excited about it because it gives everybody the opportunity to keep up on their school work, our hopes are that it cuts down dramatically on the number of students that are ineligible for sports and that in long term it keeps kids on track for graduation”.

When asked what Zehan Rogers views were on Power Lunch he replied with, “It makes the line a whole lot shorter. It’s a successful endeavor by the school district. I think it is a really great idea and I think they should continue to do it but be a little more rigorous of the sticker checks”.

Power Lunch has been an astounding experience in Woodland Park High School, and those who have used Power Lunch efficiently have seen that. For those who haven’t used Power Lunch to their advantage, they're missing out.

Student creates handmade books in Crafts class with art teacher Mrs. Adamson, and Para-Educator Miss Deb

Beta Club Inductions by Josh Tanis

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Mountain Biking team continues to dominate regional mountain biking races.

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Learn more about our Sponsor of the Week, Mrs. Cummings on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Links below!

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2021 WPHS Homecoming Court

WPHS Student Council is proud to announce your 2021 Homecoming Court

The 2021 Underclassmen Attendants are:

  • Kira Lewis and Gray St. Charles-Kahl

  • Jaedyn Kohn and Stella Schroeder

  • Giana Roskam and Caleb Graves

Our Senior class nominees are:

  • Morgan Berry

  • Claire Gilganas

  • Emma Doby

  • Jake Martin

  • Nick Conlin

  • Derek Eckhart

Our Staff Royalty are:

  • Mr. Dave Graf

  • Mrs. Michelle Eastman

Congratulations to all the members of the 2021 Homecoming Court!

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Spirit Days

Friday Homecoming Movie

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Career and College Readiness Center - we have A LOT going on this month in the CCR center - FAFSA, College Fair and Application assistance. Don't miss out on these opportunities!

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