Tomie DePaola

By: Mariana Lagas

Central Idea Statement

Tomie DePaola is an author/illustrator for children's books, was born in 1934, lives in New London, New Hampshire, and he wrote children's books because he had always wanted to be an author/illustrator since he was 4 years old.
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Research Summary

Tomie DePaola was born on September 15, 1934 and grew up in Meriden, Connecticut. One challenge he faced was being born when the Great Depression was going on. Tomie knew he wanted to be author/illustrator when he was just 4 years old and was inspired to be an author/illustrator by his Mom because she always would read to him and his brother when they were little. He now lives in New London, New Hampshire and works in a 200 year old renovated barn.

Summary of Synthesized Information

  • Characters- In the books that I read, there were only 3 main characters because in Strega Nona takes a Vacation, the main characters are Strega Nona, Big Anthony, and Bambolona, in Tom the 3 characters are Tom, Tomie, and the Grandma, and in Pancakes for breakfast, the main characters are the dog, the cat, and the lady (They didn't have names).
  • Writing Style- Tomie DePoala likes to tell the story usually through just pictures and a tiny bit of words because in Pancakes for Breakfast, it's just all pictures, in Tom, there are a tiny bit of words, and in Strega Nona takes a Vacation, there are 3 pictures on 1 page sometimes.


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