Design Process of a Playground

Define the Problem

· Must include 6 play elements (ex. Swing, slide, climbing wall, ladder, play wall, etc.)

· Must be one solid structure – you should be able to pick it up and move it as one piece.

Research the Problem

What do kids like to play on?

- Swings, slide, jungle gyms, monkey bars, climbing walls, and merry go rounds.

What do play sets have?

- Swings, slide, climbing wall, and ladders.

What did you enjoy as a kid?

- Swings, slide, and monkey bars.

#1: Contains a swing, hanging bar, toddler swing, climbing wall with rope, and slide.

#2: Contains a slide, kid house, swing, and a swing for two people.

#3: Contains a climbing wall, slide, kid house, swings, and hanging bar.

#4: Contains a hanging bar, swings, slide, climbing wall, and ladder.

#5: Contains a swings, hanging bar, ladder, kid house, slide, and swing for two.


Develop Possible Solutions

#1: Playground

#2: Merry Go Round

#3: Jungle Gym


Create a Prototype

Test and Evaluate

Everything works well, and is safe to play on. If someone was to spin on the merry go round to fast, he/she may fall off. If they hang on the monkey bars, he/she could fall and hurt themselves.


We would communicate to the buyer that its not a home playground, but a playground for a park. There is multiple play elements to play on and enjoy.

Pros: playful, colorful, enjoyable, there are a lot of options to play on

Cons: can get hurt on the swing next to the monkey bar, make it more accessible for the handicapped.


Put more space between the monkey bars and swings, make the monkey bars reachable for children, a swing for the handicapped, and a swing for two people.