Ferdinand Magellan

Famous Explorers



Accomplishment.1st to travel around world.

Failure.Falsely accused of trading illegally Portugal employment offers with held.

He was born in 1480 in Portugal.

Early life

FAMILY.His family was nobil.

Education. Queen Lenora's school of pages in Lisbon.

Interesting fact.At age 10 was page for the queen,due to parents death.

Reason for explortation

whom for. Portugal and Spain.

looking for. spices for new food and territories sholter route to spice land.

Discoveries give detail

were and when: 1505 c 1st uon age 1521 India spice land south america he used ships to place to place to place. he found new spices from spice island for food


when did he die: he died in April 27 1521 in Cebu Philippines. he got new spices and was the first to travel.
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Wednesday, April 27th 1521 at 12pm

Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines

Cebu City, Central Visayas

Ferdinand died April 27, 1521