Madrid Day Trip

What you will see:

A world heritage-listed 13th century cathedral of Toledo. Masterpieces by El Greco. The Synagogue of El Transit. Puente de san Martin. And many other amazing historical buildings. The lunch they serve can be either standard or upgraded from a standard. In that you get vegetable stew, veal with green beans and French fry potatoes, and vanilla ice cream with fruit salad. In the upgraded lunch you get appetizers and Castilian tapas, roasted lamb with vegetables, truffle cake with ice cream, and wine, mineral water and coffee. The cost for this trip is $61.94
On the tour you will see some of El Greco's most famous art work. For example, The Burial of the Count Orgaz.

How to get there

You can take the train there or the bus. The train leaves from Atocha every one or two hours starting around 7:00am weekdays and 9:00am weekends. The train cost 10,60 euros for a one way ticket and 19,10 for a round trip. There is a bus every hour leaving from the plaza Eliptica station which is easily reached by Madrid's grey line (line 6). The lines to get a ticket are going to probably be long, but luckily there are ticket machines and online purchases too. It's important to try to take the direct bus which only takes about 45 minutes. Some of the other busses make many stops and can take double the time. The bus cost 4,95 euros for a one way ticket and 8,88 for a round trip