4 Exotic Places in Goa

Skip the Beaches To Visit This 4 Exotic Places in Goa

For planning vacations, many people are inclined to select beach destinations or hill stations. Goa is known to be one of the top beach destinations of Indians as well as foreigners. Millions of tourists are known to pour here around the year, for dipping themselves in the cool, azure waters of the sea or to relax on the warm, white sands of the beaches.

Beaches are known to be the heart of Goa, and they are popular for fuelling party spirit and night life at its best. Still, this small, green land situated on the West Coast of India is known to offer some of the finest backdrops and astonishing views to the travellers. Before you plan to choose any of the popular holiday packages for Goa, ensure that its itinerary is going to cover these four additional attractions of Goa, apart from the alluring beaches.

1. Churches

Goa is known to harbour some of the most elegant churches in India. The Portuguese ruled this province for a long time. As a result, they have built several churches and chapels here. A few of them have been built almost 450 years ago. Yet, they are known to stand tall and showcase the excellent craftsmanship of masons, sculptors and artists proudly. The Basilica of Born Jesus is visited by many people around the world. The Gothic structure was introduced by Portuguese and is the base for building religious architectures here. Visiting any of the church here will surely lend you a great spiritual experience.

2. Carnivals

If you are bored of the beach parties and water sports, then rejuvenate your mind and body by vising one of the numerous carnivals carried here. Goans are known for their warm nature and they celebrate each and every festival with great pleasure by taking out parades or by holding carnivals. The main Goa carnival is known to last for 3 days, wherein you can dance to the tunes of live music, tantalize your taste buds with some spicy food, and loosen your mind to some the finest intoxicating spirits served here. A glimpse of Portuguese culture can be seen and experienced by visiting these carnivals.

3. Spice Plantations

Wondering how India manages to export large quantities of premium spices? A visit to spice plantations in Goa will surely solve this puzzling question. There are acres of farms in Goa, which grow different variety of spices and condiments. These farms give a glimpse of the rural life of the locals, their culture, traditions and lifestyle. Some of the popular places are Savoi Plantation, Pascol Spice Village, and Sahakari Spice Farm. The condiments coming from this region are known for high quality, everywhere in the world.

4. Anjuna Flea Market

This market is like a paradise for shoppers. With more than 500 stalls scattered everywhere across the market, you can pick up jewellery, spices, clothes, artistic items, etc here. Moreover, the prices are not fixed and you can test your bargaining skills to fetch an attractive deal.

These are the four other places, which you can check, apart from visiting the beaches.