LV Technology

By Isabelle Cherny

What Students Learned in the Units of Technology

Typing Web

  • Improved my typing skills and makes me type faster
  • Helped me spell longer words and spell them correctly
  • Learned how to type much faster than I was before


  • Helped me to be more creative than I was at the time
  • Made me be more out there and more attentive
  • Inspired me to create art with technology

Haiku Deck

  • Learned how to use the website
  • Helped me find out what my dream job would be
  • Improved my decisions by creating a slide

Explain Everything

  • Helped me understand how to use this app better than I did before
  • Inspired me to create more with the limited amount of stuff that I have
  • Made me write a little neater

Career Locker

  • Helped me decide my future
  • Inspired me to be a mechanical engineer
  • Made me think more about college

More About Lineville Technology

Inspired Students

Many of the students that are in technology at Lineville, are inspired to be a computer programmer or an educator of some sort. They've been inspired by Mrs.Myers, their technology teacher. Shes brought some light into their future. And opened the door to the real world. Shes tought them all they need to know about college, job, payment, taxes and much more.

Technology with Mrs.Myers

Lineville doesn't just have wonderful technology, their students are too! All of the students in Mrs.Myers class are incredibly quiet and attentive. These students are also great at doing their assignments. Most of them are never tardy and always show up on time for class. And Mrs.Myers is also an amazing teacher. She is able to teach the students and have fun with them as well. She is always smiling and she never gets mad at anyone. Mrs.Myers teaches the kids while inspiring them to be someone wonderful in the future. All the students have already picked their dream job and college. They've also completed many assignments they got from Mrs.Myers.