Types of Consciousness

5 Main Parts

Consciousness-"the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world" There are five main parts consciousness consist of: Higher consciousness, Normal consciousness, Preconscious, Subconscious and Unconscious

High Consciousness

This is our personal center of awareness through self- knowledge; being aware that you are aware. Being in a state that's notices the difference in their own motivation and what is taught to them, obtained and installed in them, genetically or by constraining; they know what they are doing as they are doing it. Energy and attention are freely available and the truth is supported while the false is scrapped.

Normal Consciousness

The second aspect is our everyday reality, internally and externally; the flow of sensations, images, thought, feelings, desires and impulses. This aspect includes being perceiving and relating. They can be observed, analyzed and judged. Most people drift away from this part of their mind. They are considered "half asleep".


This is where our experiences are fully understood and our mental and imaginative activities are developed in interaction. this is also an interface of conscious mind and goes searching for information in the subconscious.


This contains the powerful drives of love and fear and programs by which motives are decided and action are carried out. People are unaware of this part of their mind. The subconscious reprograms where necessary and coordinates the carrying out of set patterns of behavior.


This is the core self that contains a record of everything someone has felt and sensed. It also consists of genetic programming, which which lets out survival senses, attachment, transmits energy into efforts in moving and perceiving the body. This is where all your feelings, sensations and pains are recorded and is the deepest level of self: experiences, imprints and decisions of this life time.