Pirate Points from Mrs. Lee's Class

Week of October 30, 2013

Red Ribbon Week

Our school will celebrate Red Ribbon week next week with the following activities:
Monday- Pirates are Winners and don't do drugs- Wear a favorite team shirt
Tuesday-Pirates give drugs the boot- Wear boots
Wednesday- Pirates are Super- Dress as a Super Hero
Thursday- Pirates are United- Wear school colors (red, white, black)
Friday- Pirates have big dreams- Dress as your future career

Fall Celebration

Thank you for sending in items for our fall celebration. Hopefully, the kids will have a good time, while still maintaining a learning environment. Remember, costumes are not allowed at school on Halloween.

What We Are Learning

  • Reading Workshop- Retelling the beginning, middle, end; comparing books that tell stories compared to ones that give information
  • Writing Workshop- Unfreezing characters to bring writing to life, telling stories in small steps, adding feelings and emotions to our stories
  • Math Workshop- Putting objects in groups of tens, representing numbers by the numbers of tens and ones
  • Social Studies- laws, authority figures in different areas

Mark Your Calendars

November 5th- Picture Day

November 13th- Late Start

November 21- K-2nd grade Thanksgiving Meal (more details to come)