How To Rightfully Select And Buy

Fruits And Vegetables

Selecting and Buying Vegetables

Selecting Vegetables

For this step we want to make sure our fruits are:

good in color

firmness, no squishy vegetables

no bruises on them

make sure the vegetables are not to small( this could mean that they are immature and have lack of flavor)

make sure the vegetables are not large either( this could mean that they can be over matureness and tough)

always good to feel the vegetables to see firmness

Buying Vegetables

lets only buy the ones we will be consuming within a short time

lets buy the ones that are in season, they are usually high in quality and low in price

buying organic is great

Other information:

purchasing vegetables, there are several forms you can buy them in, these are:



canned and


Selecting and Buying fruits

Selecting and Buying Fruits

Selecting fruits

make sure your fruits are:

they should have fragrance( means they are still good)

with no bruises

with no cuts

with no mold

also for them to not be soft

always good to feel the fruits when selecting them

Buying Fruits

tips for buying fruits:

you should just buy what you need (fruit spoils rapidly)

lets buy in small quantities

should buy fruits that are fresh

lets buy fruits that are local and in season ( fruit can be cheaper when they are in season)

Other Information

Forms you can buy fruit in :

canned( added sugars though, and syrups, make sure no dents in the can)

Frozen( these can soften and destroy texture of fruit)

Dried(can be package or sold loose)

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