Book Character Day

Jake and The Neverland Pirates

Instead of celebrating Halloween, Elijah's school decided to do a book character dress up day instead. At first, Elijah was a little miffed at not being allowed to wear his Halloween costume to school, but after discovering that we would be making his character costume together he was pumped. He decided to go with Jake from Jake and The Neverland Pirates. Micah, of course, rejected his previously beloved Iron Man costume to rock the new Pirate getup at Trunk-or-Treat as well! Check out our home-made the night before Book Character Day costumes!

The Merry Crew of Neverland Pirates!

Costumes in the Rain

Black hairspray paint and rain don't mix well. So we improvised like any good pirate would do!

Our Pirate Treasure

As our reward for all our efforts, we got some "Donut Booty." They thought it was funny!
Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Theme Song